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Introducing Unity Industry: Create and scale your real-time 3D vision

April 3, 2023 in Industry | 6 min. read
Introducing Unity Industry | Hero image
Introducing Unity Industry | Hero image

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As the demand for real-time 3D continues to surge across industries like automotive, manufacturing, government, architecture, energy, retail, and more, we’ve been listening closely to what our industry customers need. We heard loud and clear that this world is different from that of game developers and requires tailored solutions. Industry creators need more support to onboard growing teams, face time-to-market pressure to deliver differentiated experiences, and need to integrate cutting edge technologies, standards, sensors, and other real-world data into experiences to stay ahead of the competition.

We’re excited to announce the release of Unity Industry, a suite of products and services designed just for industry creators.

Build immersive experiences

Unity Industry enables developers, artists, and engineers across industries to build and deliver custom real-time 3D experiences for augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), mobile, desktop, and web. Unity Industry includes:

  • Unity Enterprise: Manage complex real-time 3D projects across teams using built-in support and creation tools that scale. Includes three-year Long Term Support (LTS) and read-only source code access.
  • Industry Success: Exclusive to Unity Industry, Industry Success helps you overcome challenges faster with dedicated advisors, professional training and onboarding, and rapid response support.
  • Pixyz Plugin: Import more than 40 3D, CAD, and BIM file types to bring source data into Unity’s real-time 3D platform.
  • Unity Mars: Efficiently create AR apps with better workflows and purpose-built authoring tools.
  • Unity Build Server: Utilize on-premises solutions for faster project build testing as you scale, on dedicated network hardware.

Unity Industry addresses developers’ needs from the early stages of discovery to building and scaling complex industry applications. From product visualization, marketing content, and sales configurators to smart factories, digital twins, and simulations, Unity Industry enables customers to turn every touchpoint into an immersive and interactive real-time 3D experience anywhere, on a wide range of devices.

Overcome roadblocks faster

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Building complex solutions requires a dedicated team at your side. Industry Success – an exclusive support offering for Unity Industry – helps teams solve critical onboarding challenges, accelerate time-to-market, optimize resources, and achieve business goals. Industry Success includes:

Rapid response technical support

Mitigate risk and get your project off the ground with access to Unity’s ticketing system which provides a 48-hour guaranteed response time.

On-Demand Training

For each Unity Industry seat purchased, customers get access to more than 300 hours of On-Demand Training, covering topics from Unity basics to lighting, optimization, and deploying projects. The extensive self-serve training catalog is designed to help your team members develop their skills further.

Dedicated Partner Advisor

Every account is assigned a dedicated Partner Advisor to act as an internal advocate and strategic advisor, handling issues from submission to resolution. Partner Advisors act as the bridge between customer teams and Unity to help onboard new products, perform regular check-ins to ensure teams are meeting their goals, and guide customers to resources for new projects.

Product activation engagement

Get one month of product activation support through documentation, training videos, and a technical point of contact to ensure you’re set up to start your Unity journey.

Customer onboarding engagement

Get access to 90 days of customer onboarding engagement. Dedicated advisors provide guidance on how best to leverage support and resources, so you can get started quickly and access help faster.

What it means for industry customers

With the release of Unity Industry, there are some upcoming changes to the Unity Industrial Collection (UIC) and Unity’s Terms of Service.

Unity Industrial Collection

UIC is being deprecated, which means that Unity Industry will now be the default path for industry customers to access the Unity Editor. To ease the transition, existing UIC customers have until October 3, 2023 to renew their UIC subscription or purchase additional seats for one extra year at the current price. You can also choose to upgrade to Unity Industry.

For details and migration paths, visit the FAQ or contact your Unity sales representative.

Terms of Service changes

Starting April 3, 2023, new industry customers who make more than $1 million per year in total finances will be required to purchase Unity Industry. This requirement also applies to renewals done after October 3, 2023. If an industry customer makes less than $1 million per year, they can use Unity Pro, Unity Enterprise, or Unity Industry. 

Industry is identified as a non-games, non-entertainment customer. Users of Educational Versions are also excluded. Industry customers include, but are not limited to, automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, government, architecture, engineering, construction, energy, and retail sectors.

To learn more, visit the FAQ.

Talk to our team to learn how Unity Industry can help your business build without constraints.

April 3, 2023 in Industry | 6 min. read

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