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How Norconsult improves collaboration with Unity Reflect Review and Quest 2

July 27, 2022 in Industry | 5 min. read
water treatment plant
water treatment plant

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Unity Reflect Review is now available on Meta Quest 2 to unlock the power of virtual reality (VR), creating a fully immersive viewing environment to interact and contextualize 3D data.

To transform your design, project and site reviews with VR and enable better communication and collaboration with project stakeholders, Unity Reflect Review is adding support for the Meta Quest 2 VR headset. With Unity Reflect Review and Meta Quest 2, users get the benefit of real-time visualization for richer viewing environments, greater accessibility with untethered VR, and next-level collaboration to transform the way people, teams and businesses interact in the office or on the jobsite.

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Companies like Norconsult, a leading Norwegian multidisciplinary engineering and design consultancy, are using Unity Reflect Review and Meta Quest 2 to cover all phases of a project lifecycle, from the earliest pre-investment and feasibility studies, through planning and design, tendering and construction supervision, to project implementation, operations and maintenance.

We interviewed Marius Jablonskis, Digital Transformation Leader at Norconsult, about the different ways Norconsult uses Unity Reflect Review and Meta Quest 2 to increase collaboration, save time, and improve workflows.

Eliminating design review bottlenecks

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Why did your firm start using Unity Reflect Review?

We started our collaboration with Unity three years ago. Our goal was to streamline our extended reality (XR) routines within gamification efforts, automating the manual routines and focusing on custom IP development driving the value for the customers. We have 25 licenses of Unity Reflect Review.

What is your current workflow for preparing and transferring data to Unity?

We have pioneered our drawingless design and construction approach and have successfully implemented it across different market areas, meaning we produce data-rich integrated digital twins as a contractual deliverable. Unity gets us one click away from taking this data to immersive XR experiences. We use Autodesk Revit as our design tool, but we typically go from Navisworks or BIM 360 to Unity Reflect Review.

What are your top use cases of Unity Reflect Review?

We use Unity Reflect Review for visual reviews – including stakeholder, design and safety evaluations – on desktop and in VR and augmented reality (AR).

How have you used Unity Reflect Review and Meta Quest 2?

We have used a custom-developed application on the Unity Editor where we compiled .apk files that we loaded to untethered Meta Quest 2 devices. The application was used for design review and practical safety evaluations with our safety and design experts, customers, and their operation personnel to evaluate safety aspects of the design and placement of equipment in emergency scenarios. 

Instead of running a traditional session where everyone looks at the drawings – which would have been a challenge in the middle of a pandemic with capacity and other restrictions – we had several VR operation stations where multiple people could participate at once and the rest could livestream on the screen. That way everyone could participate in a live evaluation and feedback session regardless of their location. Results were directly integrated into our project management system to ensure optimal insight and dataflow so that no disconnected reports ended up in unmonitored folders.

How do you plan to use the tech throughout the construction of a project?

Construction work on a new water treatment project has just started. There are many use cases with contractors, operations and maintenance, and loads of potential value for cutting down the time needed to plan and access various sections of the site.

How do you use Meta Quest 2 and VR with Unity Reflect Review?

Combining Meta Quest 2 and Unity Reflect Review is a true game changer. XR was great before, but it was not for everyone. Hardware-heavy processes, cables, tracking stations, remembering to charge multiple devices, logging in and out to multiple accounts, preprocessing the data, exporting, packing and updating it – all these operations made the XR world an exclusive club. Unity and Meta’s fusion eliminated all the irritating moments and bottlenecks from the process. Now you just have to pop on the glasses and you’re good to go!


Any quantifiable benefits of the business impact of Unity within your firm?

With Unity, we are 50% faster and 75% more intuitive.

Get the Unity Reflect Review application today in the Quest Store to transform your architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) project reviews with VR.

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July 27, 2022 in Industry | 5 min. read

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