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Feast your eyes on the best creations from our Unity Forma Challenge

July 28, 2021 in Industry | 6 min. read
Image showing 3 up close images of the Unity Forma car created by the creator Denai Z. The image shows the front side and back view of the white car that won the Forma Challenge.
Image showing 3 up close images of the Unity Forma car created by the creator Denai Z. The image shows the front side and back view of the white car that won the Forma Challenge.
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Earlier this year, we invited creators worldwide to unleash their talents and build an interactive 3D product configurator using Unity Forma, our new product for marketing professionals. After thoroughly evaluating entries, we’re excited to announce and showcase our grand prize winner and four runners-up.

With the chance to win a car (or cash equivalent) on the line, creators from around the world entered the Unity Forma Challenge. While developing an interactive 3D product configurator traditionally requires a lot of time, working in Unity Forma enabled participants – many of whom had never used this product before – to bring their chosen product to life within 60 days using the product’s streamlined interface and codeless workflows. 

From yachts to toasters, the submissions were carefully reviewed by a panel of expert judges, who awarded points in three categories: interactivity and functionality, creativity, and visual quality. Read on to learn more about the grand prize winner and four runners-up, and check out their entries, which can be seen in all their glory on our cloud streaming service Furioos.

Grand prize winner

Forma Configurator Wizard by Danail Z.

Project collage of the Forma Challenge winner showing the front top and back of the car created with Unity.

Danail showcases their street racing-inspired car model, giving users three different variants to choose from: range, standard, booster package. Engaging experiences are incorporated throughout their project, with each package having its own unique characteristics, such as grass appearing in the range package and strobe lights that turn on in the booster package. What really caught the judges’ attention were easter eggs hidden throughout the experience. 

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Having no previous hands-on experience with Unity Forma, Danail entered the challenge as a way to learn more about it and test their skills as a self-taught 3D artist. Completing their configurator, from start to finish, in just 10 days, Danail aimed to guide the customer through the buying process in a more interactive way.

“The great thing about Forma is that it’s actually part of Unity. It has an open API and you can easily adjust it to suit your needs,” says Danail. “Everything you usually do in Unity you can do with Forma as well. It boosts both your creativity and technical workflow and will work for you whether you’re a creative marketing person or a heavyweight coder.”

See the winning entry


Image of a green toaster created with Unity Forma by Awen C. This 3D model was a runner up in the Forma Challenge.

Modeled after their own toaster, Awen C. created “The Toaster” with various product customizations and engaging interactive aspects, such as the ability to toast virtual slices of bread and a zero-gravity toast experience. Putting no limits on their creativity and resources, Awen also recorded the sounds of their toaster and used reference photos of toast when building their configuration.

Image of a red and white BMW 1200GS motorcycle created with Unity Forma by artist Sergey K. This was a runner up during the Forma Challenge.

Combining their passion for computer graphics and motorcycles, Sergey K. brought a BMW 1200GS into the world of real-time 3D. Explore the motorcycle in highly realistic quality, from customizing the color of the fuel tank to seeing how the side and center stands of the bike work.

Green sports car with triangular lighting behind it made in Unity Forma

Featuring various environment changes, Frantz L.’s imagination shines in their original environment, “planet triangle.” This sci-fi planetary landscape highlights the power of screen space reflections (SSRs), with neon triangles reflected on the car body and puddles of water. Using interactive hot spots, Frantz also allows users to open doors and switch the car’s headlights on and off.

Image of a black roller skate created with Unity Forma by artist Lars W. This was a runner up in the Forma Challenge.

Skate shops were closed due to the pandemic, but Lars W. needed new inline skates, so they were inspired to create “Sk.8 Digital” to ease the process. This skate shop configurator allows users to choose from a variety of inline skate types including beginner, fitness, speed, and tri-skate as well as an option for ice skates. From there, you’re able to customize the wheel size, frame of the skate, and boot type – allowing you to truly personalize your skates to your liking.

Congratulations to our grand prize winner and four runner-ups, and thank you to everyone who submitted an entry to the 2021 Unity Forma Challenge. 

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July 28, 2021 in Industry | 6 min. read
Topics covered