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Building the metaverse with style

October 22, 2021 in Industry | 8 min. read
ArtEngine Style Transfer
ArtEngine Style Transfer

Leverage AI-assisted artistry with ArtEngine Style Transfer: A fun and approachable way to transform entire asset libraries into something new in minutes.

At Unity, we believe the world is a better place with more creators in it. That’s why we continue to empower artists with creative tools to help bring their vision to life in new and exciting ways.

While there are effective tools and workflows available on the market, now’s the time to improve efficiency and make creation even more fun and accessible for everyone. Through the use of AI-assisted artistry, Style Transfer in ArtEngine is the latest tool to unleash the creative potential of designers, indies, and AAA artists alike.

Built with concept artists in mind, Style Transfer lets you explore different moods and color palettes starting from rough thumbnail sketches or images captured on your mobile phone. By applying the aesthetic of one reference image and transferring it to another, you can take on new creative directions for your projects.

Landscapes in different styles

Apply distinct styles to 3D renders to spark inspiration within your art team.

Race car rendered in different 3D styles

Express and expand your creative side by generating something unique to show your friends.

Style transfer

Style Transfer in action

To use Style Transfer, input a Content Image with a desired target Style Image. ArtEngine will then automatically Style Blend these images into a stunning new creation.

Style transfer in ArtEngine
Tree in different styles

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A style like no other

This tool is fundamentally different from the style filters you might find in smartphone apps or image-editing software that require you to choose from a limited number of pre-packaged options. Style Transfer in ArtEngine lets you decide what kind of style you want to achieve. Because, after all, it’s your art.

Style transformation

This is all thanks to a recent breakthrough from our research team. We believe in transparency, so we published our method, Optimal Textures, for the rest of the world to learn from and build on.

As Principal Engineer on the Unity Research team, Eric Risser explains, “Style Transfer is, by no means, a new subject in academia, but this paper sets itself apart from previous algorithms in a very important way.

There are three factors used to judge a Style Transfer algorithm:

1.       Quality of the final results

2.       Speed and memory requirements

3.       Ability to work on any given style

Typically, you’d expect a decent Style Transfer algorithm to score well in one of these three categories, while best-in-class algorithms achieve high marks in two out of three. What sets Optimal Textures apart isn’t that it raises the bar in any one of these categories, but that it scores high marks across all three, making it the first Style Transfer algorithm ready to leave the lab and find its way into your next project.”

Reduce, reuse, and recycle

Reduce time by reusing and recycling old assets. With Style Transfer, you can both modify and create new materials without having to conceptualize an entirely new texture. There’s no need to create assets from scratch when you can leverage what you already have.

Combined with the other library remastering tools in ArtEngine for noise reduction, compression artifact removal, plus 2K and 4K up-res, Style Transfer adds more creative tools to generate and recycle materials.

Tiles in different styles

Inspired by Ghibli or World of Warcraft? Combine their visuals with the batching capabilities of ArtEngine to transform hundreds of materials automatically.

Tiles in different colors

The possibilities are endless. Give it a try and see what styles you can create.

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October 22, 2021 in Industry | 8 min. read