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Where to find the best Unity holiday sales for 2018

November 20, 2018 in Games | 3 min. read
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The holiday sales and offers are starting to sweep through Unity. You'll be able to save money and spend more time creating with sales on top-rated assets during the Asset Store Black Friday sale, discounts on some Unity gear, and more!

Build with the Asset Store

You can find some of the hottest, top-rated assets up to 50% off, and a new daily special every day for 70% off during our Black Friday sale!  We’ve picked assets that cover different uses, and worked with a great pool of publishers to bring you these deals. On top of individual sales, we’ve built out four different bundles to help solve your development needs available during the sale for 55% off! Check the bundles out below!

Quick Prototyping

Spend less time getting to your game with some of the most popular tools on the Asset Store.  These assets are easy to set up for insanely powerful outcomes.

World Building

Revolutionize your workflow with assets that work together. Save time, and get to your game faster by building huge, realistic worlds, with full water, weather systems, and more.

Ultimate Characters

Level up your characters with tools and effects.  Do way more than you ever thought possible, including creating completely new rigging and animation directly in Unity.

Essentials for Professionals

The assets in this bundle, curated by DevDog, publisher of Odin, are go-to tools which make your life easier and boost productivity. Treat yourself with time-saving tools.

Make sure you check back every day to see the new daily special!


See the full list of assets!

Create iconic worlds with high-end art content

Last week we announced the Unity Icon Collective, which is a collaboration with top industry talent to launch and develop new asset volumes for the Unity Asset Store to enable creators to build AAA worlds. We’re offering you limited edition bonus content if you purchase between now and December 13, 2018, so don’t miss out!

  • Additional character skins with multiple custom animations
  • Registration in exclusive Unity Icon Collective training webinar


Learn more about Yggdrasil – Icon Pack

Learn with Unity Game Dev Courses

Did you know that Unity Game Dev Courses now features over 90 hours of learning content with more on the way across the following tracks?

  • Fundamentals: Learn Unity game development basics
  • Programming: Learn how to program important game features
  • Art: Expand your skills by learning Maya and ZBrush
  • Design: Go deeper into game design

But don’t let 90+ hours of learning scare you.  Because for a limited time, you get 2 years of access for the price of 1 (a savings of $144).  So you have plenty of time to level up your game dev knowledge. And Unity Game Dev Courses is both broad and deep - so both new and experienced devs have plenty of opportunities to build your expertise.


Get Unity Game Dev Courses Now

Bundle up with Unity Gear

We want to make sure you’re staying warm through the holidays. To help you out, our online gear store will be discounting their inventory by 15% now throughout the month of December. Get yourself a cozy new sweater, grab your favorite Unity creator a nice new mug, or just represent the community with some sleek and simple Unity shirts!


Check out the Unity Gear Store

November 20, 2018 in Games | 3 min. read
Topics covered