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Unity’s new partnerships bring verified solutions to developers across industries

June 20, 2019 in Games | 5 min. read
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Agora, Bose, Genvid, SideFX, and Unit040 join Unity’s new Verified Solutions Partners – a collection of third-party SDKs, plugins, cloud services and more that provide direct value to Unity developers across industries and applications.

We believe the world is a better place with more creators in it. As an open platform, anyone can build products with (or on) Unity. We encourage this creativity and welcome solutions developed by our community. With the thousands of plugins and SDKs available, we heard our developers regularly asking for recommendations to help sift through the vast selection available. Verified Solutions Partners highlight best-in-class products and services that serve to deliver direct value to Unity developers across industries and applications.

What are Verified Solutions Partners?

Verified Solutions Partners represent a collection of 3rd-party SDKs, plugins, editor applications, cloud services, and more that help enable the success of your project while ensuring deeper technical alignment with partners’ products and services so you can reach 0% developer downtime. Partners accepted into the program go through a verification process to ensure their SDK or software is optimized for the latest version of Unity, including our Long-Term Support (LTS) release. The testing is conducted on an ongoing basis with the latest Unity releases, so developers can always be sure these solutions will work with the latest version of Unity. Unity Verified Solutions Partners who have passed our testing and verification process will receive a Verification badge to acknowledge their technical compliance.

Our first five Verified Solutions Partners include Agora, Bose, Genvid, SideFX, and Unit040, and we plan to partner with additional companies that will allow our developers to create innovative and technically sound content.

You can find out more about how these new partnerships benefit developers below.

Build the future of engagement with Agora’s Video Chat SDK

The Agora Video Chat SDK for Unity lets you add in-game real-time video communication to increase interactivity between players. The SDK boasts several features to enhance the gaming experience, centered around video communication inside your game at sub-second extremely low latency. Spatial voice effects add a sense of player positioning and depth to your game, while other Agora’s audio effects allow voice changing through pitch, reverb, and equalizer to add a fun flair to your game experience.

The Agora Video Chat SDK is optimized in size, CPU usage, and power consumption for minimal impact on gameplay that does not affect the gaming bitrate and is compatible with the original game’s sound effects. The integration of voice incorporates high quality (48kHz wideband), low latency (global average delay of 100ms), zero interference (echo cancellation, background noise reduction, volume normalization), and FEC (in-house anti-data loss algorithms). You can choose different audio modes to best suit your live gaming experience: you can send just the voice of the player or mix with extra sound effect to great unique game character personalities.

Check out the Agora Video Chat SDK for Unity on the Asset Store.

Bose puts sound first

Bose enables developers and creators to take a sound-first approach to augmented reality (AR). Using sensor-driven, head movement, and spatial sound capabilities, developers can create new experiences that complement the use of Bose AR-enabled wearables.

The Unity Plugin (with support for iOS and Android) allows developers to pair mobile applications with the new generation of Bose wearables, including the new Bose Noise Cancelling Headphone 700s, QC35II Headphones, and Bose Frames. Using raw sensor data (accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass), you can create interactive experiences based on head movement and orientation.

Sign up to learn more about the Bose AR developer program.

Genvid for live streaming

The Genvid SDK lets developers easily create and deliver rich interactive broadcasts to live streamed audiences. You can create multiple camera angles and sync real-time data and events back into the game engine, making your streams look more dynamic – like the viewers are in the game. All of this works on multiple, popular live streaming platforms like Twitch.

These broadcasts can lead to new revenue streams, including video roll, campaigns, and even in-app purchases. The SDK takes care of many of the common obstacles, like network and server deployment, so game developers can focus on making their games awesome to watch.

Find out more about Genvid.

Going fully procedural with Houdini

Houdini is the Academy Award-winning 3D procedural software platform from SideFX for the film, TV and video game industries. Although Houdini is best known for its capabilities in dynamics and simulations for visual effects, AAA game studios are increasingly using it as a powerful procedural environment tool. Having a seamless bridge between Unity and Houdini unlocks a powerful set of content creation tools and a whole new way to create advanced simulations and visual effects.

By using Houdini Engine for Unity, you can run Houdini's digital assets directly in the Unity Editor. Houdini's game tools help you export Vertex Animation Textures and much more directly to Unity. Our new Visual FX graph (a GPU-accelerated particle system) allows you to load point cache simulations baked in Houdini to drive particle systems.

Check out SideFX.

Unit040’s PREspective merges virtual and physical worlds

Unit040 is a company focused on digital twin solutions for the automotive and manufacturing industries. PREspective lets you use a digital system model to simulate the behavior of a system, exactly as it would perform in the real world. The system is fully interactive, on screen as well as in virtual reality and augmented reality.

PREspective provides the ideal system behavior simulation tool, where the virtual system is tested before it is built. The best part? The entire software is built on top of Unity.

Find out more about using an identical virtual visual copy of your system.

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Uncover more information about Verified Solutions Partners and all of the different types of partners.

June 20, 2019 in Games | 5 min. read

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