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Unity releases Google advertising for developers

August 7, 2018 in Games | 2 min. read
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Everyone loves something new. New ad formats, new advertisers, and new content means more options to create something unique and engaging. We’re excited to share with you that Google and Unity have announced a strategic partnership that will change the way advertisers reach gamers on-the-go and help you, the developers, to monetize your apps.

This partnership gives Google advertisers access to Unity’s mobile gaming network through Universal App Campaigns (UAC). This means Unity mobile app developers will be able to monetize with Google’s ads without any additional required development work.

To date, the partnership has resulted in video completion rates of 87.3% compared to the average benchmark of 32.5% (Source: Moat Analytics Benchmarks: Q4 2017). Furthermore, Unity has consistently scored 97.8% for valid and viewable rates, well above in-app benchmarks of 54.7%, providing a brand-safe environment for advertisers while also creating value for developers and gamers alike.

Developers! You’ve asked us questions and we’re happy to share with you the following insights:

How do I get started with ads?

If you are not integrated with Unity Ads already, please see our guide here on how to monetize with Unity.

How do I monetize with Google ads through Unity?

No additional development work is required. However, you will need to ensure that your Ads Payout Profile is up-to-date to ensure payment. In addition, developers will need to complete store details in the Operate dashboard for all of your apps. Without store details, Unity cannot request ads from Google for your apps.

When will Google ads show?

Google will be participating directly within Unity’s Unified Auction, an unbiased real-time advertising auction where the highest paying advertiser wins. Unity is committed to increasing the advertiser diversity on our platform to ultimately drive higher revenue for developers and enable engaging ad experiences for players.

Why Google ads for developers?

Unity is committed to enabling developer success and democratizing development. Part of this includes increasing the monetization opportunities for developers, which now includes Google’s extensive ad network, accessible directly through Unity’s platform. In turn, this will increase fill and performance for our developers.

What types of ads can you expect from Google?

Currently, you can expect to see Universal App Campaigns on both iOS, Android and across both Rewarded and Non-Rewarded placements. UAC advertisers will include both independent developers promoting installs and big brands.

What does a UAC campaign look like?

(Source: AdMob Help Page)

Example: Google’s Universal App Campaign

If you have additional questions, please free to contact the Unity Ads support team (email:

August 7, 2018 in Games | 2 min. read
Topics covered