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Gamedev tips from Unity Asset Store publishers: 2022 roundup

December 13, 2022 in Games | 8 min. read
Tips and more from Unity Asset Store publishers: 2022 roundup | Hero image
Tips and more from Unity Asset Store publishers: 2022 roundup | Hero image

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By now you’ve heard of #UnityTips Dev Takeovers on the Unity for Games Twitter channel, but have you heard of Publisher Takeovers for the Unity Asset Store Twitter channel?

Kicked off for the Asset Store community this year, these takeovers came from your favorite publishers who shared tips and tricks around using assets and game development. Some of the insights centered around how to make the best out of popular assets, like FEEL by More Mountains, Odin Validator by Sirenix, and Fluffy Grooming Tool by Daniel Zeller, while others uncover Unity Editor tricks you might not have known about that help save time during development or open up new ways to use the engine.

Enjoy this roundup of highlights from @AssetStore #UnityTips takeovers, featuring actionable tips for game developers. 

Daniel Zeller

The creator behind Fluffy Grooming Tool and other furry beings, Daniel Zeller, is both an Asset Store publisher and a game developer working on SKATE CITY. Fluffy is a highly rated complete grooming solution for fur and short hair in the Editor. It was nominated within the Best Artistic Tool category in the Unity Awards 2021. Click through below for his insider tips on using the tool.

Want to learn more? Follow Daniel Zeller on Twitter or Instagram.

More Mountains

This is a familiar name for fans of the Asset Store. More Mountains is a creative studio based in Montreal, Canada, focused on creating great experiences. The studio has published quite a few popular assets, including TopDown Engine, Corgi Engine, and FEEL.

In a takeover earlier this year, Renaud Forestié, CEO of More Mountains, shared how to make your game pop with FEEL, a popular particles and effects tool. This asset is packed with more than 130 feedbacks, allowing you to easily add juice to every aspect of your game. FEEL is also the winner of the Best Artistic Tool in the Unity Awards 2021.

Interested in more from More Mountains? Find them online and on Twitter.


Kronnect has been an Asset Store publisher since 2015, and they were a finalist in the Unity Awards 2020 for Asset Store Publisher of the Year. The team creates high-quality assets while providing top-notch support and a great experience.

Their takeover included insights on how assets like Volumetric Fog & Mist 2, Volumetric Lights 2, and Shader Control help add more efficiencies for working in the Editor. Some top tips include:

Explore more updates and info on Kronnect assets by connecting with them on Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook.

Synty Studios

Known for its unique stylised art, Synty Studios is one of the go-tos for 3D art packs. They offer over 70 art packs in the Asset Store, each with different themes – like city, fantasy, sci-fi, and many more – to fit any style you’re going for. The studio’s packs are easy to use, great for beginners, and fun for prototypes and jams. When the Synty team took over our Twitter feed, they shared quick tips that can help improve your dev journey. Check out their advice below.


If you don’t want to scroll through the entire thread, we’ve picked out a few highlights:

Make sure to follow Synty Studios’s socials for more cool content: Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook.

Catsoft Works

Catsoft Works is an indie game developer team from Barcelona with the mission of democratizing game development and making awesome tools for game developers. Their top-selling assets Game Creator and Game Creator 2 are professional tools that will help you speed up workflows and easily create any kind of game.

See the helpful tricks from their takeover thread that you can use in your game:

You can find more from Catsoft Works on Twitter or YouTube.


Sirenix is a five-man team based in Denmark and the US that develops and publishes high-quality tools for professionals as well as new game developers. They are well-known for their bestselling asset and Verified Solution, Odin Inspector.

The Sirenix team took the opportunity to introduce their new asset, Odin Validator, a powerful validation tool for finding and fixing errors in Unity, and put together tutorials to help you move fast in your projects without breaking things.

If you want to learn more about either asset, visit Sirenix on Twitter or YouTube.


The Opsive team has been developing with Unity since 2010. They became publishers to help users create amazing games and are known for making assets with exceptional quality and providing great support. Their five-star tools, like Ultimate Character Controller and Behavior Designer, help make it as easy as possible to start new projects.

The team shared some of their best tips and tricks for working in the Editor, including:

Follow Opsive on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube for more details on all of their amazing assets.

Meshtint Studio

If you’re a big fan of cute 3D characters, you’re going to love the assets from Meshtint. Formed in 2013, Meshtint is a game art outsourcing studio providing animation, 3D asset creation, and in-game integration services in Unity. They have 300+ 3D art packs available in the Asset Store that can suit a variety of game genres.

They recently shared six quick #UnityTips that can help enhance game visuals:

Curious for more from Meshtint? Check them out on Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook.

Amplify Creations

The latest publisher to grace our Twitter feed was Amplify Creations, the mastermind behind Amplify Shader Editor, one of the most well-known shader production tools in the gamedev community. It offers open and tight integration to provide a frictionless, familiar environment that blends seamlessly with Unity. This asset is also wonthe winner of the Asset Store Award for Best Tool in the Unity Awards 2017.

Take a closer look at the things you might not know about using the Amplify Shader Editor, directly from the team behind the tool:

You can find more from Amplify Creations on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube.

And that’s it for our roundup! A big shoutout to these publishers and our entire publisher community. We hope you find each tip helpful and that you continue to share your #UnityTips with us. Make sure to follow @AssetStore on Twitter to keep up-to-date with sales, asset highlights, fun community content, and even more takeovers next year.

December 13, 2022 in Games | 8 min. read

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