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The Unity Gaming Services Dashboard: Powerful developer tools all in one spot

November 26, 2021 in Games | 5 min. read
UGS Dash
UGS Dash

Learn about all of the latest features on our dashboard and how they can help you.  

Creating a game comes with dozens of creative challenges that require a lot of attention, which is why you don’t want to be burning precious time and energy fighting it out with tricky technical topics like live ops, monetization, and long-term growth strategies.

The Unity Gaming Services Dashboard has been created to help you with just that – all the developer tools you need to handle the tricky areas of game development in a single place with a focus on accessibility and ease-of-use.

To ensure this dashboard is as good as it can be, we will be listening closely to community feedback and making frequent updates to ensure it remains as useful as possible for you and your game’s success.

Let’s take a look at the most recent set of updates below.

Enterprise-level tools at your fingertips

Using the UGS dashboard, you’ll be able to access a variety of tools to help efficiently build, manage, and grow your game. The current lineup is: 

Analytics: Visualize specific information to tweak gameplay.

LiveOps: Set up instrumentation and live-configurable data in your game.

Monetization: Drive revenue with in-game ads, campaigns, and in-app purchases.

DevOps: Customize your project with our build and development tools.

Growth: Set up user acquisition campaigns to find the right users and grow your audience.

Multiplayer: Build, scale, and operate your game with cloud-enabled tools and infrastructure.

The main navigation panel on the left-hand side displays all available suites, various help and support links, and the Projects page where, you might be able to guess, you will find your ongoing projects.


Depending on what you need, clicking one of the products will open up the designated page along with the secondary navigation bar.

All of the tools have been carefully designed to house and organize key features and services to help you accomplish your workflows as efficiently as possible. An example of this is exploring the LiveOps Suite for backend services, like Remote Config and Economy, that integrate with Campaigns to enrich the real-time configurations available to you for your game events.

You also have access to the Explore Services option, which provides you with a single location to quickly explore our full list of developer tools and how they can help you build and operate your games.

GIF showing a window being clicked on, leading to the suite page

Get a snapshot of your active projects

Curious to know how your organization or project is performing at a high level? The Dashboard page showcases everything in one easy location. Charts with your active services currently used are displayed for a “birds eye view” in order to get a quick pulse check.

Just below the overview section, you’ll find a set of Unity-recommended services that can help improve your games.

Look forward to future updates

Your feedback is crucial as we make the dashboard a more efficient and simplified platform to build, monetize and grow your games. 

From quickly accessing the various tools to carefully grouping features you need to make your project a success, these updates are designed to help you reach that goal. As we continue to listen to user feedback and performance, you’ll be able to help shape what the future of the dashboard looks like. 

Find out more on how you can better connect with product teams by joining the conversation here at Unity Pulse – our new online feedback community.

November 26, 2021 in Games | 5 min. read