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New live learning series to support Unity educators

September 11, 2020 in Games | 4 min. read
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Our new, free live learning series offers actionable insights and inspiration for Unity educators to arm their students with the skills to lead the real-time 3D revolution. Check out the session details and register for Unity Educators Live.

The future has never seemed more uncertain. Students are graduating into a job market where the prevailing wind is economic insecurity. The COVID-19 crisis is also hugely impacting how education is being delivered, with teachers adapting to new learning and teaching models. All of us are relying on technology in new ways to support and educate each other

Despite the challenges, more educators than ever are using Unity to prepare their students for high-demand technology jobs. Our growing global community of educators is driven by the belief that the world is a better place with a diverse range of creators in it, and works hard to ensure today’s students are equipped with the real-time 3D development skills they need for the jobs of tomorrow. 

Our new series of free live learning sessions starts on September 15, bringing together thought leaders from education and industry so educators can engage in honest conversations with their peers and live Q&A with Unity experts. These sessions were designed specifically to provide education professionals from all levels and at every stage of their career with actionable learning, inspiration, and insights.  

You’ll learn about teaching emerging subjects like extended reality (XR) and new media, helpful pedagogical approaches, and potential use cases for these technologies to solve real-world problems. Read about the first sessions and speaker lineup below. 

Register now for the full Unity Educators Live series, and every two weeks we’ll bring you a new hour-long session. It’s free, so you can attend whichever sessions interest you.

Session 1: Educators Live Series Kickoff – September 15

We kick things off by examining the current state of interactive 3D development, the ways in which it’s disrupting fields like film and animation, architecture, engineering and construction, art and design, and how educational institutions are thinking about preparing students for these changes. A panel of industry and education luminaries will discuss where the opportunities for people with these skill sets will be, what learning and teaching in these areas should look like, and how we might design spaces in which this learning can happen. 

Charlie Fink, XR’s explainer-in-chief (according to Variety), writes about XR on Forbes and elsewhere. Joining him on the panel to discuss their work designing and developing next-generation learning environments at Arizona State University’s Innovation Collaboratory are co-executive directors Heather Haseley and Dan Munnerley. And curriculum and career pathways specialist Harvey Wright, who has been leading the development of Seattle Public Schools’ new XR pathway, will also share his perspective.

Session 2: Preparing Students for Rapidly Changing Industries – September 29

New innovations daily change the way we live, work and communicate. So how do you prepare students for interactive development jobs that haven’t yet been defined and that are likely to change throughout their careers? What skills and mindsets matter?  

Bob Nicoll has had a front row seat to these rapid industry changes and joins us to explore this critical question. Bob’s expertise in both animation and gaming has made him an integral part of companies such as Sony, SGI, EA, and Blizzard. Join us to discuss how we might enable students to successfully navigate the complexity and uncertainty of jobs of the future.

Session 3: Learning, Teaching and Collaborating at a Distance – October 13

Schools and educators continue to be significantly impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Many still face uncertainty about when on-campus, in-classroom learning will resume, and are quickly figuring out how to address the needs of their students at distance. 

Carrie Beth Rykowski has spent the last few years developing online courses, including game design, virtual reality and digital technology courses, at the Forsyth Virtual Academy in Georgia. She joins us to share insights and practical strategies for teaching Unity remotely. 

As well as bringing significant challenges to education, the current crisis has accelerated the innovation of distance learning technologies. Educational technologist and XR strategist David Bass-Clark will share a glimpse of what the future of distance learning might look like. His work focuses on XR experiences, immersive learning design, and innovative distance learning.

Upcoming sessions

Our final three sessions will explore ways to empower the diverse creators of the future, how to design and facilitate projects that solve real-world problems and how to start developing XR learning experiences with Unity. Learn more about these sessions on Unity Learn and stay tuned to find out who will be speaking.

Unity Educators Live starts on Tuesday, September 15, at 5 pm PT, with a new hour-long session every two weeks. Register for the entire series and attend the sessions that fit your schedule. 


Register now for the free live series


Visit Unity Learn: Educators Live Series to learn more about the free program.

September 11, 2020 in Games | 4 min. read

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Topics covered