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Publisher sale highlight: Create characters as unique as you are with assets by Tafi

June 16, 2021 in Games | 5 min. read
Various character assets made by Tafi
Various character assets made by Tafi
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Diversify your game with Tafi’s customizable and morphable character assets, now 50% off.

There are few better ways to personalize and expand your game’s cast of characters than with Tafi’s character assets in Unity. This publisher’s mission has always been to make distinct avatars and characters more easily accessible to all creators. Despite the somewhat steep learning curve, Tafi’s team knows how fun it can be to work in 3D, and wants others to share in that experience. Based in the Silicon Slopes, the Salt Lake Valley in Utah, Tafi has created hundreds of top-tier assets to date, plus an entire modular character system for Unity.

Mighty morphing character assets

The publisher’s massive asset library, which houses their Daz 3D brand, is now fully available in the Unity Asset Store. You can find thousands of characters and give them distinct styles with Tafi’s selection of clothing, accessories, hair, and other physical attributes. All of Tafi’s characters have built-in morphs that allow you to dial in the exact look you want to capture. With more than 700 morphs that range from facial animations and emotions to body composition, and more, you can create characters that suit your game’s specific needs and overarching aesthetic. When you shop Tafi’s Unity Assets, you’ll find hundreds of dynamic, high-quality features that work flawlessly in Unity.

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Moreover, Tafi’s character markers are highly adaptable and interchangeable. For instance, you can swap outfits at runtime and watch them adjust to your characters’ changing forms. The morph system even allows you to take aspects from multiple characters and blend them together to create someone entirely new.

While Tafi’s high-quality character assets are simple to use, their results are colossal. But don’t just take our word for it. Save 50% on Tafi’s massive catalog of character assets from June 17-21.

Additional features

The powerful character system built into Tafi’s assets is tailored perfectly for use in Unity. Additional features include:

  • Expressions and phonemes for creating realistic speech and emotions
  • Rigging-aware decimation to reduce your polycounts while preserving required details
  • Also supports URP and HDRP
  • Animation compatible with any humanoid animation avatar
  • Texture atlas tools to merge and lower draw calls
  • Smart Material reduction to combine multiple materials, while also omitting customized values to reduce overall draw counts and improve performance
  • Hidden surface deletion to avoid bleed-through and enhance production

Limited-time publisher sale on now

Don’t just populate your scenes – make them stand out. Whether you’re crafting heroic characters or a crowd of NPCs, Tafi’s assets can help you succeed in your efforts. Save 50% on Tafi’s full collection during this bigger-than-life publisher sale, on until June 21. We can’t wait to see what, or who, you create!

June 16, 2021 in Games | 5 min. read
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