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Publisher Sale highlight: Architectural models to design your dream game

February 21, 2022 in Games | 8 min. read
Asset Store Publisher Sale Banner
Asset Store Publisher Sale Banner
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Grab these high-quality 3D assets for your most realistic visuals yet.

3D game development involves a close attention to detail – from realistic textures to lifelike props. That’s why our latest Publisher Sale focuses on architectural models to achieve stunning spaces. We’re talking sleek homes, industrial structures, abandoned buildings, and other design elements across all genres. This time around, we’ve paired up with three powerhouse publishers, ArchVizPRO, Finward Studios, and NOT_Lonely to offer their popular packs at 50% off. But you only have until the end of the month, so don’t hold off on designing your dream place.

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Now, let’s get to know the creators at the center of our sale.


Based in Milan, Italy, Ruggero Corridori has an impressive background in architecture and product visualization that goes back 20 years. But it didn’t take him that long to turn to Unity for his development work. Corridori was particularly taken with Unity’s capacity to export and render video and VR experiences from a single project – without forcing him to leave or use external editing programs.

Today, he develops for the Asset Store as ArchVizPRO, an endeavor he first began in 2015. Through a series of architectural interiors, ArchVizPRO_Interior (now up to eight unique volumes!) and ArchVizPRO_Photostudio, designed for product visualization, Corridori expertly supports studios looking to prototype demos and other striking visuals. If you peruse his collection, you’ll see that architects Tadao Ando and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe have greatly inspired some of his assets – not to mention his affinity for Alex Roman’s breathtaking CGI animated short film, The Third and the Seventh (2009).

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With the resources that Unity makes available to him, Corridori produces assets that are as photorealistic as possible. He specifically points to Shader Graph, which he leverages to create custom shaders, detail maps to increase resolution, as well as decals to add smudging and imperfections.

In his own words: “ArchVizPRO has always stood out for its obsessive attention to detail. All furniture and props present dust, scratches, fingerprints… just like in real life.” And there is certainly beauty in those imperfections.

Finward Studios

The creator of Finward Studios traces his interest in video games, visual effects, and 3D film back to childhood: “I wanted to know how they were made, and to create something similar.” In fact, he recalls crafting his first PC game at just eight years old!

Since getting involved with Unity back in 2012 while working for a gaming company, he’s continued to actively use the platform. Now, Finward Studios offers complete atmospheric environments for game developers to build entire levels for their games: “All my environments are modular, so it’s easy to change things around to suit everyone’s needs.” This versatility shines in Suburb Neighborhood House Pack, House Furniture Pack, Office and Police Station Pack, and Modular City Alley Pack. The goal is for each environment to have a history, “as though someone has lived in it.”

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As the creator reveals, inspiration often comes from everyday situations: “In one instance, I woke up and the sun was shining through the window. But it was still dark out [and the sun] just lit up the whole room, giving me goosebumps. I use that feeling, that memory.”

So, what drives this innovative studio to keep on creating? “A great passion for 3D art; developing individual art assets, piecing them together with lighting and effects, and seeing [them] form a complete, coherent environment. It gives me real pleasure, and I truly enjoy the process of it all.”

The most rewarding part, however, lies in witnessing other developers turn those environments into their own one-of-a-kind projects: “Being able to see others enjoy my work and use it to achieve their goals is what keeps me going.”


NOT_Lonely’s Vitaly Okulov is a Russian 3D environment artist whose passion lies in the development of “breathing” 3D scenes. That is to say, scenes that are so vivid, they come alive.

“Many years ago, I was trying to create game mods by adding simple 3D models in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City,” Okulov explains. “A few years later [post-college], a web development studio invited me to join them and create different still renders and animations.”

Discovering Unity was a huge milestone for Okulov: “I dived right into real-time interactive rendering, and this changed my career. I started experimenting with the engine, and then created my first game with it – a simple 2D game – just to try programming.” This led to his first fully 3D interactive project for a local museum, “an amazing experience [through which] I greatly improved my skills in 3D content creation for real-time applications, and learned about code.”

Around that time, Okulov decided to try Asset Store publishing: “I made my first props pack called Musical Instruments Pack. It was the start of an amazing journey!”

Currently, you can find four major environment packs on his page – from the massively popular HQ Residential House, to the HQ Western Saloon, HQ Abandoned School, and of course, HQ Retro Farmhouse, his most flexible and highly customizable 3D environment pack to date. And that’s not to mention, his 18 smaller asset packs (with a few freebies among them).

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A number of Okulov’s assets derive from personal experiences or places he’s been: “Inspiration comes from the world around me. For example, I started my abandoned school project when my wife and I were walking near the old, semi-weathered building of the local college. She just said, ‘Why not create something like that for your next project?’ This idea burned a fire within me. All these irregular shapes and textures in the autumn atmosphere – I became very passionate and started prototyping as soon as I got back to my PC.”

After months of hard (but rewarding) work, Okulov released this environment pack at the Asset Store. It was met with warm reception: “I think this happened because I really love what I do… I just love to create. That’s the reason my asset packs are so diverse.”

Now’s the time to set the stage for your game. Save 50% on all ArchVizPRO, Finward Studios, and NOT_Lonely assets during this 3D Publisher Sale, and don’t forget to check out exclusive Lightning Deals on three packs.

February 21, 2022 in Games | 8 min. read
Topics covered