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Mobile Studios Go Agile with Cloud Content Delivery

December 4, 2020 in Games | 3 min. read

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Concrete Software and Nifty Games use CCD to deliver content efficiently with maximum impact

With Cloud Content Delivery (CCD), we are making it easy for all developers to provide content delivery for live games. This custom-built content delivery solution is accessible to developers of all sizes, engine-agnostic, and comes with 50GB free bandwidth every month.

Combining easy asset management with unrivalled coverage from our content delivery network (CDN), this is the first truly end-to-end service for live game updates available for game developers.

Following the global launch of Cloud Content Delivery, a number of studios have taken our vision and ran with it. Check out how these game-makers are using CCD to get the right content, to the right players, at the right time:

Concrete Software

Concrete Software, well known for its hit titles PBA Bowling Challenge and PGA Tour® Golf Shootout, was trying to develop and migrate to a proprietary CDN when they learned about Unity’s Cloud Content Delivery (CCD) solution.

For Concrete, Unity’s CCD made deploying both game and promotional assets more of an incidental task rather than a major project. Assets are delivered fast and reliably by the global leader in enterprise CDN, which Unity’s CCD simplifies and scales to include standardized pricing based on delivery volume. Storage is included.

Using CCD saved months of development and migration time – as well as removing the responsibility of any ongoing requirements for maintaining a proprietary service. Using the service also freed up development resource so that developers could focus fully on game development rather than back-end issues.

Sarah Frost, Business Operations Manager, said: “we got started with Unity’s Cloud Content Delivery for free. After that, it’s quite reasonable, as it’s pay-as-you-go, and Unity doesn’t charge for the first 50 GB each month. It’s much less expensive than developing and maintaining a proprietary system.” 

Check out the full story of how Concrete Software uses Cloud Content Delivery here.

Nifty Games

Nifty Games is a venture-funded games developer & publisher focused on quick session, head-to-head sports games for mobile devices. Nifty Games is a proud partner of the NFL, NFLPA, NBA & NBPA. The company is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Chicago. 

Nifty uses Cloud Content Delivery – alongside other Unity backend tools like Remote Config, Cloud Build, and Addressables – to support the release and operation of their new mobile title, NFL Clash.

NFL Clash is very content-rich, which can be demanding – and costly – for a live game’s backend and deployment. In conjunction with the Addressable Assets system, CCD’s flexible agility has proved extremely useful for the management, testing, and delivery of content. CCD essentially allows each player to “lazy load” whichever specific game assets are relevant to them during a given session, without requiring massive downloads that cover all bases.

According to Ibs Rageh, Head of Technology, “the underlying principle for Nifty is minimizing the number of client releases and submissions through first-party as much as possible. We have to juggle multiple releases and versions in parallel. Being able to drive that without the client, using CCD, is absolutely critical for live operations.”

You can watch an in-depth discussion with Ibs, featuring product demo, here.

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December 4, 2020 in Games | 3 min. read

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