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Meet the experts that can help accelerate your game growth

November 2, 2020 in Games | 5 min. read
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The Game Growth program gives indie mobile game developers access to some of the most experienced experts in the industry.

Game development poses a mountain of challenges, especially for smaller indie developers. Often, you need to take on multiple roles just to get your game over the finish line. For a small team, it’s unlikely you have someone dedicated to user acquisition, data analysis, monetization strategies or the other specialized skills that are key for growing your game after launch. 

We’re here to help with the Game Growth program. Our game experts act as an extended team to our Game Growth partners, letting them focus on development. Indie developers accepted into the program will have a dedicated game operations team at Unity assigned to them. These are experts with decades of experience growing mobile games, who will work not only to provide guidance but also to help you leverage enterprise-level tools and technologies.

Sharing our game ops expertise

As we mentioned when we launched the Game Growth program, our goal is to set you up for long-term success. This entails working together to integrate cutting-edge tools and best practices. Our aim is to share our knowledge with you to help grow your business through trust, respect and teamwork – this partnership is for the long haul.

To this end, we work with Game Growth partners to improve key areas of your game, leading to better lifetime value, optimized cost per install, and more.

Optimizing your game with game ops experts

  • Live operations. To stand the test of time, your free-to-play game needs to keep its players engaged with new content and activities. Our team of specialists helps you define a live ops strategy tailored for your game that nurtures your audience and develops your game as a service (GaaS) for continuous revenue.
  • Feature planning. Our product managers work closely with you to help plan key features within your game. Our expertise in the mobile space – we know what works and what doesn’t – can help guide development and ensure you keep your eye on the prize.
  • Game analytics. We help integrate enterprise-level analytics tools so you can learn as you grow your game. Our Game Growth experts help you understand your current users and develop long-term success strategies and tactics based on your key metrics.
  • Engagement strategy. We help your team plan and design mobile marketing tactics such as content bundles, push notifications, and segmented offers that engage your audience. This allows you to engage players already in your game and ensure new players from acquisition campaigns remain active.
  • Ad optimization. Our game ops team helps maximize your reach and increase ad revenue across multiple advertising networks to ensure you maximize overall revenue and reduce costs.

Getting the right players

  • User acquisition (UA) campaigns. Our game ops experts help you plan optimized user acquisition campaigns that bring new valuable players into your game. We leverage the Unity network and partnered ecosystems to ensure we reach the right players with the right message.
  • Ad creative. Understanding your audience and building unique creative assets is a key component of success for mobile games. As part of Game Growth, you have access to marketing artists who can help create optimized creative content for your game and grab the attention of prospective players
  • App store optimization (ASO). Often overlooked, optimizing the app store experience for your game is one of the most important aspects of bringing in new players. Our game ops team helps you create a competitive ASO strategy with optimized creative assets and best practices.

Meet the team

Our Game Operations experts have worked with some of the biggest mobile game studios in the world. These individuals act as an extension of your development team so you can benefit from decades of experience.

Product management

Robin Gazaille, Senior Product Manager

“I'm responsible for coordinating which games are selected for the program and defining their roadmaps in collaboration with our indie partners. Before joining Unity, I was an executive producer at Gameloft Montreal. My goal for Game Growth is to generate value not only for the selected indie partners but also to the Unity indie community at large through XP sharing.”

Nicole Dolensky, Senior Product Manager

“Like many Indie developers, I have worn many hats throughout my career and on projects. In my 17 years working in games, I found that the brightest spark. lies within the indie community. The passion, the determination, the creativity, and the openness to sharing knowledge and collaborating for all to succeed – these elements pervade the indie community and truly embody game development at its very best.”

Marketing artists

Clément Lelong, Lead Marketing Artist

“Game Growth is not just an amazing program for indie developers: it is first and foremost an amazing team of experts. As a seasoned Marketing and Communications creator, I see to the production of UA assets with my team and provide recommendations and first-hand support – for user experience, art direction and branding, for example – to our partner developers.”

Martin Lauzon, Marketing Artist

“I spent the past 15 years animating almost everything, conceiving cool visuals for a wide array of audiences, from video game trailers to interactive content. I'm convinced that everyone should have the opportunity to create, and my work is to help them showcase these wonderful ideas through eye-catching visuals.”


Andrée-Anne Babin, Partner Manager, Publisher Operations

“I support indie developers with their monetization strategy and live events. I’ve been in the video game industry for the past 13 years as a video game journalist in the press and on TV. I’ve also worked as a live ops manager and monetization manager for studios like Gameloft and Playtika.”

User acquisition

Ali Sener, Senior Manager, User Acquisition

“I lead UA and ASO strategy for the Game Growth Program, ensuring each of our partners maximizes their reach profitably. I’ve focused on mobile gaming all my career, having worked at Playtika, Machine Zone and Super Bit Machine, where I’ve contributed to many growth stories and game launches. I can’t wait to use all my learnings to help indie game developers get their games into the hands of millions of users.”


Whether you’re a veteran indie developer or new on the scene, the Game Growth program gives you access to the expertise to take your game to the next level. All you need is a live free-to-play game on iOS or Android to get started – learn more about it here.

November 2, 2020 in Games | 5 min. read
Topics covered