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Learn how to tell your stories in real-time 3D

June 30, 2020 in Games | 3 min. read

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Our new course, Real-Time Animated Storytelling, is designed to help artists learn how to use Unity’s fast and powerful suite of cinematic tools for animation.

As a storyteller, you want to immerse people in a world of your own making. As an artist, you want to experiment and play, and you need the tools to execute on your vision, quickly and flexibly.

Unity’s real-time production tools, traditionally used for game development, make rendering time lightning-fast when you use them for animation in film, television, games and virtual reality (VR). This makes it easier for you to create animations rapidly – and see your changes and iterations immediately – while unleashing creative freedom. These techniques combined with the interactivity already possible in games are revolutionizing the way stories are created and shared. 

Real-Time Animated Storytelling is a course for artists to help them build the technical skills required for a career in animation. Unity is recognized as one of the most in-demand tech skills today, across industries, with a high forecasted growth rate. Students who choose to invest in learning Unity are future-proofing their careers in an increasingly competitive job market.

No programming required

This is a course built with artists in mind. Studios are searching for better ways to innovate, collaborate, and streamline their creative processes, and real-time 3D is making it easier. Unity is fast becoming a mainstay in the world of digital filmmaking.

In this course, you’ll learn how it’s done – from previsualization, to modeling, set dressing, cinematography, lighting and post-processing. We’ll even cover visual effects, audio and final rendering. This course is designed to empower storytellers and artists like you with all the foundational Unity skills you need to launch your storytelling career.

For students

Whether you are a university student in your final years of study or a passionate hobbyist, this course will serve as a gentle introduction to the core concepts that animation studios use in their pipelines. 

Not only will you learn about real-time 3D animation concepts and workflows, you’ll become acquainted with a wide range of Unity tools and techniques for content creation of all kinds. This is the foundational knowledge that may set you on a path to becoming an animation layout artist,

programmer, technical artist, or VR developer. This course’s Creative Challenges will also give you a chance to flex your imagination and share your work with the community through our gallery.

For instructors

For instructors interested in introducing this material in your classroom, we’re providing educator materials to help you tailor this course to your teaching objectives and schedule. By empowering your students with in-demand job skills, you also expand their economic opportunities for the future.

Additionally, instructors can visit our Unity Learn for Educators for more teaching resources or the Unity Teach Community on Facebook to share best practices and experiences with others.


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Real-time 3D technology is a flexible, collaborative, time-saving animation tool, and mastering its fundamentals is a distinct advantage for aspiring artists in today’s job market. You don’t need to be an expert programmer to realize your creative vision.

You can learn more about the course during our live Unite Now session on Wednesday, July 1 at 9 am PT. In Empowering Storytellers with Real-Time Technology you’ll discover how quickly you can get started as a Unity animation creator. Register now.

June 30, 2020 in Games | 3 min. read

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