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Union is now Unity Games.

We’re the same team, working with the same award-winning Unity developers—we've just changed names to better reflect our mission to democratize games distribution. Our new name, Unity Games, more clearly reflects our passion for Unity and its ever-expanding community of talented developers.

Union has been a nexus between talented developers and technology partners keen to support games on new platforms. Our developer-focused approach has resulted in chart-topping releases on more than a half-dozen platforms and made otherwise inaccessible opportunities a reality. Like making a unicorn poop in Muffin Knight on Roku—we made that happen. You’re welcome.

All of this work continues—and more—under the new banner of Unity Games. Extending our efforts beyond emerging platforms, we’re bringing select titles to Android starting today. This is in overwhelming response to our developers whose trust and confidence in us fuels this exciting evolution. Thank you!

Of course, we’re committed to supporting all previous Union releases and more games for LG smart TVs, BlackBerry, and Tizen devices on the way. These new releases will be under the Unity Games brand. Check out to learn more.

If you’re developing a game and interested in working with Unity Games, let us know. We’d love to see what you’re creating with Unity!

July 1, 2013 in Games | 1 min. read