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Interview with Michael Orkisz of Manufactura K4 (Michael O.)

July 18, 2013 in Games | 3 min. read
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You’ve no doubt taken notice of the amazing environment assets created by Michael Orkisz. He’s created a wide range of environments, from sci-fi kits and modern city ruins to dungeons, dystopian futuristic cityscapes to medieval construction kits and top-down fantasy environment packs. His richly detailed nature packages are incredibly versatile and suitable for almost any game genre imaginable!

Tell us about you, your creative passions and history.

I live in Poland. I know it's a little weird, but I'm interested in game design and microbiology. My adventure with gamedev began many years ago at Reality Pump. It was my first job in game productions. First, we created an RPG game "Two Worlds", then "Two Worlds 2". Four years ago a couple of friends and I created a small business: Gamelab. Then I worked on mobile games in Unity. In 2013 I worked for some time with Witcher 3.

Tell us about your products, their inspiration, why you decided to make them.

Mostly I like to create an environment. I take inspiration from many sources; games, movies and travel. Sometimes, finding an interesting photo on the web is inspiration enough, then I say: "That's what I was looking for!" When creating most packages I just try to follow reality. My decision to sell my work on the Asset Store started with the fact that I had some of my own work sitting around on a drive. This work wasn’t being used, so I decided to share it on the Asset Store and it proved to be a hit.

What do you like about Unity?

There are a few things that I like about Unity, I can mention three major points:

First: the free version of Unity makes it possible for a lot of people who can't necessarily afford the expensive software to make games. In this way, Unity promotes the creation of games. Second, Unity gives quick and easy creative tools. I do not need to "fight" with the software, I just focus on work and creation. Thirdly, the Asset Store: in one minute I can find, and put in a project just what I need. Just a few clicks and you're done.

How did you learn about the Asset Store?

It was a few years ago. One day at work, I updated Unity and I noticed a new feature: the Asset Store...

What role does the Asset Store play in your life as a middleware developer and game designer?

As a developer, it’s helped me in my job, and saved a lot of time, and as a designer it’s allowed me to show people my work. In the Asset Store I can find a lot of really interesting things. It's an amazing space

Do you have any advice for developers who might use your tools?

The best designer or concept artist is the world around us. Sometimes, you may have come across a place so interesting and unusual that there just needs to be a translation in the virtual world. My tools help to create just such worlds.

What can Unity developers look towards in the future from your company?

They can expect new, useful packages of even better quality. I'll try not to disappoint my users! Besides that, I'm sure I will develop a "series" of some packages.


What is your vision for the future of game development?

A few years ago, someone prophesied that traditional consoles were dying but on the horizon are the new next-gens and technologies with big potential, such as the Oculus Rift or "Google glass". The gamedev industry has split into several platforms: Facebook / social, mobile, PC / consoles. It is difficult to determine which direction is best.

One thing is certain, making games will become easier (at least through Unity) and playing games will be more and more popular.

Check out Manufactura K4 on the Asset Store.

July 18, 2013 in Games | 3 min. read

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