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How Game Hive keeps on buzzing - and experiences real success

July 12, 2016 in Games | 1 min. read

Game Hive has been pioneering the new era of mobile gaming since 2008. Starting with just two co-founders, Game Hive has now grown into a thriving, rapidly growing free-to-play game leader with 100+ million downloads on iOS and Android. Their success started with Beat the Boss, and most recently Tap Titans. But as downloads continued to pour in, they found it difficult to keep up with the success and stay true to their vision.

“All we ever really wanted to do was to make great games the way we dreamed about them when we were kids,” says co-founder and Head of BD & Operations, Mark Wang.

Although they grew rapidly in terms of game popularity, Game Hive still believed a small team was the best way to work. They felt that this was the only way to keep the long meetings and bureaucracy to a minimum, and the creativity alive.

A move to Unity in 2010 helped them maintain a focus on high quality game design, programming and art. Plus, the integrated Unity Ads enabled them to monetize without alienating players or detracting from the game experience.



The result has been that their time-to-market has decreased exponentially, and their video ads have resulted in increased player engagement and lifetime value. As Wang put it, "Hands down the best ad format is rewarded video because it’s unintrusive and extends the player’s lifetime value (LTV)."

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July 12, 2016 in Games | 1 min. read