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Creators in the spotlight: A summer of celebration

August 19, 2021 in Games | 4 min. read
big bold letters reading Creator Spotlight on a purple grid background
big bold letters reading Creator Spotlight on a purple grid background
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This summer, we’ve taken to Twitch to let the creators behind some of your favorite Made with Unity games share their own behind-the-scenes stories.

It all began in the fall of 2020 during Unite Now. That’s when we first launched Creator Spotlight to celebrate Unity’s incredible community of programmers, designers, and all-around innovators using Unity to make remarkable games. Through a series of podcasts and tech talks, we invited several creators to open up about their studios, projects, and underlying processes that led up to their accomplishments. The response was loud and clear; you loved seeing how other developers leveraged Unity to make their vision come alive.

That’s why Creator Spotlight is back with a brand new summer edition. From July through August, we’ve taken to Twitch to showcase some of the most innovative and inspiring games made with Unity in a number of fun and informative technical streams. Creating original video games is no easy feat, so we wanted to reopen those candid conversations around the challenges and unexpected ‘aha’ moments that mark this extraordinary endeavor.

In the six weeks since this summer’s spotlight started, we’ve had the opportunity to bring on new and experienced teams that both represent and resonate with our community. Through their firsthand accounts, we got into the nitty-gritty of game development and opened up the Unity Editor to see how they brought their one-of-a-kind ideas to life. Here are just some of the guests we’ve been fortunate to have on our channel (with more to come): Card Shark

Large in-game mansion setting with people surrounding a large table and another person coming in through a door on the right

The awesome team at Nerial joined us for a deep dive into the high-stakes world of Card Shark, a new adventure game that’s all about playing your opponent’s cards right. Together, we explored their inspiration behind the game, plus tools and techniques that helped the studio attain their analog aesthetic and sophisticated 2D scenes. Boomerang X

animated wormhole mostly light blue with an orange opening

DANG!’s stellar team took us inside the platform for a closer look at Boomerang X. Discover how they refined the sleek aesthetic and boomerang-centric gameplay for this fast-paced, action-adventure title. Death's Door

Image of Death's Door monster-like characters with the logo reading, "Death's Door"

How do you make the move from pixel art to 3D? Get a sneak peek at the first 10 minutes of Death’s Door, along with a detailed breakdown of the key tools that helped the team at Acid Nerve achieve their acclaimed title’s unique look. Harold Halibut

Animation of two men sat next to each other in a waiting room, there is an empty chair next to them

Immerse yourself in the handcrafted world of Harold Halibut. The Slow Bros. team provided further insight into the work that went into this singular, stop-motion adventure game. Not only did they demonstrate their approach for bringing physical models into the game through photogrammetry and building cutscenes, they also shared an exclusive tour of the studio where the game is made. Praey for the Gods

Image of a cloudy background with a woman dressed warmly

Join us on a journey through the forbidden wastelands of Praey for the Gods. From early prototype to Steam Early Access release, No Matter’s small team shed light on the project’s early days, their kick-starter strategy, and the Unity tools that helped them create an open-world escapade filled with colossal dangers. Minute of Islands

animated girl standing in a messy room next to a couch and a telescope

Studio Fizbin exhibited the truly exceptional tech behind their gorgeous 2D narrative puzzle platformer, Minute of Islands. We answered questions from the community and opened up the platform to highlight their hand-drawn environment, discuss what development challenges they needed to overcome and the tools that helped them put this vibrant world together.


The summer edition of Creator Spotlight, ongoing through early September, will continue to bring on the teams behind both recently-released and highly-anticipated Made with Unity games.

Don’t miss out on any of this season’s streams. Be sure to follow us on Twitch, or check out our Creator Spotlight page to binge previous streams all in one place.

August 19, 2021 in Games | 4 min. read
Topics covered