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Buried Memories: High Fidelity Game Visuals in Unity Learn Premium

October 29, 2019 in Games | 2 min. read

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The Buried Memories Volume 2: Serekh asset pack was released in the Summer of 2019 by Asset Store Originals and provides AAA quality, high fidelity assets to bring your project to life.

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To accompany this stunning asset pack, the Learn Content and Unity Icons Collective teams have crafted a brand new premium learning experience for intermediate artists and generalists. Get the course and Asset Pack here.

The Buried Memories Game Visuals Course is part of the Unity Learn Premium platform and is available today. The course gives you a peek behind the curtain to see how a team of top artists worked together to create the Buried Memories: Serekh asset pack and delivered outstanding visual quality. The course also provides you with guidance on best practices within the Unity Editor and gives you the opportunity to apply that knowledge in a practical learning environment.

This in-depth, modular course focuses on three industry roles: 

  • Character artist
  • Environment artist 
  • Lighting designer

Learn about the development of the Buried Memories: Serekh project from creative vision to final product. Take a close look at how the Kirin character, laboratory environments, and lighting effects were created, and learn how you can use the Snaps HD package to similar effect in your own work. 

The simplified learning Scene included in the course provides everything you need to complete each challenge in a streamlined environment optimized for learning using the Buried Memories Assets. 

You can complete this course in linear order or explore whatever interests you the most first -- we’ve created this learning experience to be as flexible as possible, whether you want to learn about the overall approach to visual design or just hone your HDRP Volumetric Fog skills to perfection. 

Get Unity Learn Premium today to make the best use of the Buried Memories asset pack.*

*If you’re a Unity Plus or Pro subscriber, Unity Learn Premium is included in your subscription. Log-in to your account to get access to this new course.

October 29, 2019 in Games | 2 min. read

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