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Build location-based games or apps with the newly launched WRLD SDK for Unity

July 5, 2017 in Games | 2 min. read
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We are excited to announce the launch of WRLD SDK for Unity, so you can build worlds in Unity using streaming, geo-spatially accurate 3D mapping for your next location-based game, project, or virtual or augmented reality application.

WRLD provides a fully textured 3D environment using a real-world global coordinate system so it’s ready to use instantly -  no need to build a 3D environment or import any additional GIS data. Create custom styles and use the Unity tool to select the data layers you want - roads, buildings, trees, labels, etc.

We hope this new feature allows developers to create experiences that allow them to explore the world from a total new perspective.

3D map showing visualization of city buildings coming out of an ipad screen
WRLD’s mapping platform will take you from a view of the Earth to a seat at your desk.

Explore the WRLD SDK for Unity API and examples here. Structure of the WRLD Package includes:

  • Demo: Contains demo scripts and scenes which are easy to attach / modify
  • API: Includes a base script WrldMap which interacts with and sets up the WRLD plugins for use
  • Editor: Editor scripts to simplify setting and changing values within the Unity Editor
  • Plugins: Includes plugins for all available platforms
  • Resources: A simple set of materials, semantically named and assigned to meshes when resources are streamed
  • Scene: Featured startup scenes showcasing separate behavior in each world space
  • Scripts: Types and Unity MonoBehaviour scripts that help running the app and provide simple abstractions for use
  • Textures: A set of textures utilized by the materials mentioned above and easily modifiable

The limitations are only bound by your imagination. To get started you’ll need to create a WRLD API Key and download the SDK through the Unity Asset Store.

Please reach out to the WRLD team directly at or on Twitter @WRLD3D with any questions or a link to share your project.

The WRLD team is on standby to receive your feedback and looking forward to seeing what experiences they can help you build.

This blog was written in conjunction with John Bell, Senior Software Engineer at WRLD.

July 5, 2017 in Games | 2 min. read
Topics covered