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Bringing the Indoor WRLD to Unity

May 8, 2018 in Games | 2 min. read
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Exploring WRLD outdoors is now available indoors! We’re excited to announce that WRLD has released a new version of the WRLD Unity SDK on the Asset Store! This update enables developers to customize their own 3D indoor maps for their projects in Unity.

Build innovative “Digital Twin” experiences for buildings and their surrounding environments with ease. These indoor/outdoor virtual experiences are available on a global scale, for both gaming and enterprise applications.

The WRLD Unity SDK latest update also enables developers and companies of any size to create “Digital Twins” of their building, airport, mall or stadium. A Digital Twin allows you to:

  • Locate and track employees and assets through an intuitive 3D indoor map
  • Understand and monitor workspaces in real-time to optimize meeting room bookings or energy usage
  • Connect the 3D indoor map to smart building systems, IoT technologies, and occupancy control systems for a more centralized experience

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WRLD Indoor Map Features:

  • Seamlessly move from the exterior of a building to look inside, floor-by-floor.
  • Customize the appearance of building interiors using Unity’s Materials system
  • Provide an “indoor GPS” experience for users, as WRLD Indoor maps are geo-referenced to their real-world position so you can use them in conjunction with third-party Indoor Positioning Systems such as Indoor Atlas
  • Highlight the individual objects inside a building with the entity highlight feature, for example associating a desk area with certain teams or monitoring which areas of a building use the most energy
  • Anchor location-based content to any indoor or outdoor coordinates and view it virtually, with recently added experimental WRLD support for AR and VR experiences in Unity
  • Position Unity GameObjects inside buildings to bring them to life. Possible uses for this are:
  • Position NPCs in a real-world sim game.
  • Visualize a new desk layout for your office.
  • Track real-world equipment assets as these move around your building.

Download the WRLD Unity SDK and gamify your office experience or build indoor location-based games today!

Log in to WRLD Map Designer to upload and manage your indoor maps with the WRLD Map Design tools. For help getting started, visit the WRLD blog to watch the short tutorials.

Who is WRLD?
WRLD is a streaming 3D map platform of real-world environments for you to create virtual worlds, location-based games, simulations, and digital twins of buildings. Learn more about WRLD and how to get started building indoor & outdoor experiences in your Unity project or contact WRLD for more details on enterprise use cases to build a Digital Twin of your building, venue or campus.
May 8, 2018 in Games | 2 min. read
Topics covered