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Asset Store sale - celebrate our 5th anniversary!

November 3, 2015 in Games | 3 min. read

Five years ago, we launched our humble little Asset Store with the hope of creating an ecosystem-like market for our community. We imagined a place where developers, content creators, artists, programmers & sound designers could all showcase their skills and profit from their abilities. None of the existing marketplace was tailored to serve Unity developers and most of their stock wasn’t suited for use in game engines.  This general shortcoming presented an intriguing opportunity, and how happy we are that we acted upon it!

A beautiful symbiosis developed, where skilled content creators of one discipline began to fill in for the skill gaps of generalists and specialists in other disciplines. Artists helping out the programmers, programmers serving the needs of artists, etc. etc.   While we weren’t entirely certain whether or not the Asset Store would earn much money, we knew that it would be a great boon to our ecosystem of developers and would be well worth the effort to create and operate. In fact, we were even prepared and willing to maintain the store at a financial loss, if need be.

Five years have passed and, wow, we couldn’t be more pleased with how much the Asset Store has grown and how much busy it is!  The store has evolved into a living and thriving marketplace, growing on a daily basis in stock and users. To our delight, the Asset Store has become an important source of income for many of our publishers, some earning five and six digit figures per year. It’s a great honor for us to have this privilege to enrich so many talented content creators, and to help developers create and finish their production on time and on budget.

We run rather profitably too, which allows us to expand and invest! You can look forward to new features, content, optimizations and promotions that will make the store an even better destination for industrious and creative developers worldwide.  Rest assured, we are paying close attention to the feedback from our customers and content publishers, and are developing the Asset Store that you are asking for.

Every two weeks or so, when reviewing the latest additions to the Asset Store, I encounter something huge, disruptive, and mind blowing.  It’s a testament to your ingenuity, to those of you in our community whose unrelenting drive to create brings tools and content that both rival the highest production standards and bring new, innovative ideas and technologies to the Unity users.

Join us in celebrating by partaking in our awesome fifth year anniversary sale! Get up to 65% off on 27 popular Asset Store packages, including uFPS, Urban Construction Pack, Popcorn FX, ORK Framework and UnitZ!  Also, we’re holding the Asset Store Birthday Bonanza Sweepstakes, a contest to reward our favorite Made with Asset Store testimonials on the forum. The contest runs from Nov. 4 – Nov. 10 and up to 55 contestants will win an Asset Store voucher valued at $50!

November 3, 2015 in Games | 3 min. read