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Adam Demo executable and assets released

November 1, 2016 in Games | 6 min. read
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We showed a short version of our Adam demo at GDC 2016, and this summer attendees at our Unite Europe conference were able to view the full film in real time. Now, we’re releasing character, environment, and GFX packs from the demo, as well as an executable version you can download.

Adam executable


Adam executable download (size: 3 GB; Windows DX11 only)

It is expected to run 30 fps v-synced @ 1440p on a GeForce GTX 980 and Intel Core i7.

There are two quality settings included: ‘Fantastic’ and ‘Good’. ‘Fantastic’ is the main target, intended for reasonably powerful gaming computers, whereas ‘Good’ is intended for less powerful desktops and gaming laptops. Keep in mind, though, that to preserve the look of the film, there’s no ‘low’ spec for this demo, and as such it might run slowly on older hardware or non-gaming laptops.

You can play it back as a film, pause and rotate the camera to look around (within a restricted area), and you can move light sources in real time.


  • Left Mouse Button toggles playback
  • Right Mouse Button rotates the camera while playback is paused
  • Light Icon on bottom right corner control enables lighting control: Indoors - control position of tube light in the room, Outdoors - control position of the sun

F1 for help panel.

Adam Asset Packages

Please be aware that the assets we’re releasing were created with the specific project in mind,  so we can’t offer any guarantees about how they will perform in your project.

The Adam packages have been tested to work with 5.4.1. Compatibility with other versions not guaranteed, so please use at your own discretion.

Adam Character Pack: Adam, Guard, and Lu


Adam Character Pack: Adam, Guard, and Lu - download  (size: 876.5 MB)

This package contains re-rigged versions of Adam, Guard and Lu.

For the original film we used per-character generic rigs with a lot of prebaked animation onto bones. However, for this release we decided that the characters would be more useful to you, if we rework them with the more flexible humanoid rig – so we did. We removed the additional rigs which were functional only outside of Unity, and made a small rigging tool which tries to replicate some of Adam’s shoulders functionality.

Moreover, we replaced the original CaronteFX cloth sim we used in the demo with rigged versions of the Guard’s and Lu’s clothes, which are now being simulated in real time by Unity physics.

For each character we added an animation which was used in the film, as an example and for preview.

The Adam, Guard, and Lu Character Pack includes:

  • Characters: Adam, Guard, and Lu
  • LOD’s for Adam
  • Post-processing effects (beta)
  • Sample animations: Adam - walk cycle, Guard - idle, Lu - walk cycle

Please note that we are releasing the Adam, Guard, and Lu Character Pack under a custom EULA, which does not allow commercial use. We were so humbled by the strong response to our film, and so proud that people were asking for more… that we decided to keep our options open for the future.

Adam Character Pack: Sebastian


Adam Character Pack: Sebastian - download (size: 483 MB; Windows only)

This character was not reworked: we are shipping it exactly as it was used in the Adam demo. He has a complex rig and will be more difficult to reuse without doing quite a bit of additional work on your own. However, this pack is revealing for those of you who wanted to see exactly how we set it up.

To create Sebastian’s animations, we made extensive use of the high fidelity physics simulation tool CaronteFX, which is available on the Asset Store. We have included Caronte Player in the package, so that the sample animation can play. If you want to modify the character’s animation and need to re-simulate, you need to get the actual CaronteFX tool.

The Sebastian Character Pack includes:

  • Character: Sebastian
  • Sample animation: his complete animation from the demo
  • Caronte player
  • Post-processing effects (beta)

Please note that we are releasing the Sebastian Character Pack under a custom EULA, which does not allow commercial use.

Adam Interior Environment


Adam Interior Environment Pack - download (640 MB, DX11 only)

The Interior Pack gives insight into how we put together this environment. You would not want to use this approach in most game dev scenarios, but it is applicable to the production of cinematics, cutscenes, trailers.

It also comes down to choices you make when you balance your production efforts. In our case, we had chosen to invest most of our art creation efforts in other assets, such as the main characters and lighting. Considering the mood and lighting we were going for in the demo, we could get away with not perfecting the assets of the interior environment.

What made this possible, is that the desired look was created primarily with the help of shading, lighting, and post-processing features, some of which come built-in with Unity, others we created just for the Adam demo.

The package includes:

  • Environment art assets
  • Volumetric fog
  • Real-time area lights
  • Tube lights
  • Planar reflections
  • Post-processing effects (beta)
  • Custom particle shaders

Please note that we are releasing this pack under a custom EULA, which does not allow commercial use.

Adam Lighting and Volumetrics


VolumetricLighting - download (DX11 only)

We are shipping this isolated version as a more practical way to help those of you who would like to use the demo’s custom lighting and volumetrics in your own projects.

The pack includes:

  • Real-time area lights
  • Tube lights
  • Volumetric fog
  • Sample scene

Adam Exterior Environment


Adam Exterior Environment Pack - download (size: 2.7 GB; DX11 only)

Our main focus while building this environment was on the actual camera locations shown in the main demo.

The Adam Exterior Environment Pack includes:

  • Environment art assets
  • Post-processing effects (beta)
  • Scanned assets from Megascans, obtained with permission.
  • Sky from NoEmotionHDRs

To create this environment, we used some tools we wrote ourselves on top of Unity, e.g. for placement of vegetation and blending of terrain textures. We did not include these in the package, because they were too unpolished and project-specific, so they wouldn’t be too useful. Instead, we deliver these internal tools to the relevant engine developers at Unity, with the purpose to inform how such tooling is addressed going forward.

Please note that we are releasing this pack under a custom EULA, which does not allow commercial use.

More about Adam

The Unity Demo Team built Adam with beta versions of Unity 5.4 and our upcoming cinematic sequencer tool. To learn more about how we developed this demo, check out Adam’s web page for other blog posts, articles, and videos.

You may also want to check out the releases from our 2015 demo "The Blacksmith" (exterior, interior, characters, atmospheric scattering, hair shader, unique character shadows, wrinkle maps). We are not diligent in keeping them up to date, but we see many of you still find them useful. You can find more Unity demos in the Demos page.

November 1, 2016 in Games | 6 min. read

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