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Unity at Cinequest Film & VR Festival

March 16, 2017 in Entertainment | 2 min. read

Film festivals around the world are leaping into virtual reality, from incorporating demos into their official programming to recognizing emerging pioneers in interactive entertainment. Over the past two weeks, in the heart of Silicon Valley, the Cinequest Film & VR Festival has again been a hub for tech-savvy creators looking to get inspired -- but this time including 47 VR workshops, forums, and experiences.


We love bringing the message of cinematic VR and interactive storytelling to festivals, particularly those who are bringing stories to life in new ways using brand-new mechanics. Here are the top five moments (in no particular order) of Unity at Cinequest 2017:

Demonstrating how real-time rendering is changing filmmaking

Mathieu Muller, our film specialist based in Paris, showed a series of short films made with Unity. He included "Adam" and spoke about fast iteration as one of the most powerful tools in your production pipeline.

Tony Parisi, moderating the "Future of VR" panel, also spoke about this in the context of short-form and long-form media.
The creators of Sonder, an upcoming short film made with Unity.
The creators of Sonder, an upcoming short film made with Unity.

Celebrating Asteroids! winning 'Best Motion Picture -- Animation'

We're so proud of our friends at Baobab Studios for bringing Mac, Cheez, and Peas to life with a brand-new way for audiences to participate in this interactive, delightful story. Also congratulations to Maureen Fan from Baobab for her Visionary Leader Award!

Showing Cinequest co-founder and president how to do surgery in VR

Kathleen Powell, whose father was a surgeon, loved trying OSSO VR, created by Dr. Justin Barad -- showing that VR extends far beyond entertainment and escapism. Also joining us was The Price of Freedom by Construct Studio, Sonder by SOBA, and Narcosis by Honor Code, Inc.

Teaching Timeline and Cinematic VR

Thanks to Nathaniel Dirksen, Digital Supervisor from Baobab Studios, for joining us in bringing a Cinematic VR presentation to Cinequest! We can't wait to see what content the Unity community creates this year with our new Timeline feature. (Preview available now!)

Lastly, what happens when you have VR and photoshoots in the same place?


Thanks to everyone who attended, especially all the new creators we met. See you at the next fest!
March 16, 2017 in Entertainment | 2 min. read