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May 13, 2022
in Entertainment | 12 min. read
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The filmmaker talks with VFX journalist Ian Failes about venturing into vol-cap and real-time.
October 5, 2021
in Entertainment | 15 min. read
Image displays the virtual New Year’s Eve concert "Welcome to the Other Side" and features a colorful blue and purple background with sparkly lights and a musician in the foreground playing a keyboard
July 6, 2021
in Entertainment | 11 min. read
Man sat next to a plant and sitting in-front of large wall mounted screen
June 17, 2021
in Entertainment | 6 min. read
M&E header image
June 10, 2021
in Entertainment | 7 min. read
Road to Tribeca Festival Blog Header Image
June 9, 2021
in Entertainment | 9 min. read
Cannes XR & XR3 Header Image
June 3, 2021
in Entertainment | 6 min. read