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Updating Unity’s guiding principles for ethical AI

June 13, 2023 in Engine & platform | 5 min. read
Image depicting the word “AI” over a black screen
Image depicting the word “AI” over a black screen
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We recognize that AI continues to shape the world we live in, and we’re excited and committed to ensuring that our AI solutions are developed and deployed in a way that is transparent, fair, accountable, and in accordance with government regulation around the globe.

Today, we’ve updated our guiding principles for ethical AI and invite our community of creators to join us in advancing the responsible use of AI, making it safe, fair, and productive for the Unity community to use.

Our guiding principles for ethical AI

Unity will execute against each of the below principles by continuing to demonstrate our core values: Users First, Best Ideas Win, Go Bold, and In It Together. Throughout our product development process, we engage multiple stakeholders across our organization through established governance programs, and product teams adhere to these principles (and actively participate in their continued evolution). Lastly, we will engage our community for feedback and ask that all uphold our principles while operating in our ecosystem.

1. More creators by design

We strive to use AI solutions that promote inclusion and to make this technology available to everyone. We recognize the importance of considering all types of human experiences and are committed to using AI to expand the ways in which creators can learn to create. To do this, we’re making it easier for creators to express themselves, bringing powerful tools to everyone from the biggest companies to the individual hobbyists, and we review our AI tools to ensure we use appropriate data sets and promote open and healthy expression whenever and wherever they are used.

2. Responsibility by design

We acknowledge the potential consequences of AI and commit to following a responsible design process. We take proactive measures to anticipate and minimize potential harm to our community, ecosystem, and the planet that may arise from the use of our AI technologies, and we are committed to continuously improving our products to align with responsible and ethical practices, including environmental sustainability, human oversight, and accountability. This includes seeking diverse representation and a wider range of perspectives on design teams, monitoring energy usage and optimizing towards lower environmental impact, using appropriate data sets and testing AI technologies before deployment to ensure such technologies yield the expected results.

3. Privacy and security by design

We are committed to protecting the data and information incorporated into and used by our AI technologies, including from unauthorized disclosure or manipulation. We handle it with care and respect, ensuring that any use is in accordance with the intended purpose and aligned with these principles and Unity’s Privacy Policy. To give effect to this principle, we emphasize transparency in the use of AI, namely how our creators and users contribute to the continuing advancement of AI through their work and feedback, and will work with our community on mechanisms and tagging to enable transparency.

Unity will continue to update and refine these guiding principles as needed to ensure that we maintain the proper goals in a quickly evolving field. We look forward to the continued advancement of AI technology and for a positive impact on society while prioritizing responsible and ethical practices.

Stay tuned to the blog for more about Unity and AI, and, if you haven’t already, sign up for the AI Beta Program to be the first to hear about new tools and services.

June 13, 2023 in Engine & platform | 5 min. read
Topics covered
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