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Introducing the new Adobe Substance 3D plug-in for Unity

July 19, 2022 in Engine & platform | 2 min. read
Image of pile of rubble with a broken Cadillac Motel sign under a cloudy sky
Image of pile of rubble with a broken Cadillac Motel sign under a cloudy sky

Speed up your material workflows directly in Unity

Whether you want to create an immersive world, establish your portfolio, or bring fresh ideas to life, optimized material workflows can help you accomplish your goals quickly. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Adobe to present the new Adobe Substance 3D plug-in on the Unity Asset Store. With the Adobe Substance 3D plug-in, artists can save time typically spent switching between tools. This works by leveraging exposed parameters on a Substance material (.SBSAR file) right in Unity, to achieve a wide variety of looks for stronger overall visuals.

Substance parameters enable real-time texture updates in-Editor and at runtime. Such parametric materials can be created either through Substance 3D Designer, which supports both Unity Standard and Standard (specular) shaders, or online via Substance 3D Assets and Community Assets libraries.

GIF of the substance plugin in the works with updating materials of rocks in the Unity Editor

How to get started

First, visit the Unity Asset Store and add the Adobe Substance 3D plug-in via clicking Add to My Assets. Then, open any version of Unity 2020 or higher to download and import the plug-in via My Assets in the Package Manager.

You can find an incredible selection of learning resources online, such as the Substance 3D Assets library which contains thousands of reusable parametric Substance materials that have already been produced by the Substance team. You can even take advantage of free assets from creators in the community on Substance 3D Community Assets, and contribute your own in return.

Overview of Adobe substance 3D's different materials

For more step-by-step guidance, check out the technical demo below.

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Where to keep in touch

For further information on the new Adobe Substance 3D plug-in, check out the Substance 3D for Unity documentation and let us know what you think on our forums. Plus, if you’re attending SIGGRAPH 2022 this year in Vancouver between August 8–11, stay tuned for details on how to join us for a live demo of this plug-in in action.

July 19, 2022 in Engine & platform | 2 min. read