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Representative image for Unity Sentis, showing a blue, green, and purple swirl that appears silky and is fading to black along the left side
November 29, 2023
in Games | 9 min. read
Mounted Unite 2023 logo between two ferns within the Taets Art and Event Park in Amsterdam
November 17, 2023
in Industry | 6 min. read
Futuristic 3D wireframe room / digital hallway space in virtual reality with perspective grid. (Copyright © 2000–2006 Adobe Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.)
November 16, 2023
in Engine & platform | 13 min. read
A screenshot of the Muse Chat user interface.
August 31, 2023
in Engine & platform | 6 min. read
Key art for Rubber Duck Games’ Evil Wizard game.
August 17, 2023
in Games | 15 min. read
Still of Orb, Unity’s fully AI-driven character – an NPC created dynamically, from dialog voice to final animation, on an end-user’s device.
July 17, 2023
in Games | 8 min. read
Artwork for Unity Safe Voice depicting audio detection visuals
July 13, 2023
in Engine & platform | 6 min. read
Unity AI Verified Solution logos over purple burst graphic background
June 30, 2023
in News | 4 min. read
Unity cube logo in white followed by text reading “AI” on dark purple background with colorful swirling, curved lines on righthand side
June 27, 2023
in Engine & platform | 7 min. read
Three photos of cat character from GDC 2023 “Simulating film-quality characters in games” session demonstrating varied poses and with varied expressions
June 19, 2023
in Games | 17 min. read
Image depicting the word “AI” over a black screen
June 13, 2023
in Engine & platform | 5 min. read
Unity Industry UX Designer Desmond Gao testing a build on HoloLens 2
June 6, 2023
in Industry | 7 min. read