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Faces of Unity – Joe Mercado

November 10, 2022 in News | 4 min. read
Faces of Unity – Joe Mercado | Hero image
Faces of Unity – Joe Mercado | Hero image

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For the November Faces of Unity spotlight, we’re introducing you to Joe Mercado (he/him/his), senior technical product manager for Unity Sports. Joe also leads the Service Members Employee Resource Group (ERG) at Unity. Read on to learn more about Joe, his background in the U.S. Navy, and what brought him to the industry.

What do you do at Unity?

I lead the product management team for Unity Sports. At Unity Sports our mission is to transform the creation and consumption of sports experiences through our portfolio of real-time 3D technologies and services backed by the Unity platform.

Tell us about your role with the Service Members ERG. What inspires you to be a leader?

As a veteran, I am involved with the Service Members ERG. Many service members are labeled and put into a box, and part of my reasoning for joining the Service Members ERG is to show that service members come in all different shapes and sizes. For example, I joined the Navy after receiving my Ph.D. in Modeling and Simulation, and besides being flight trained, I spent my time conducting research and building products in the Navy.

Did you have any interesting jobs before working in Product Management that led you to where you are today?

Prior to joining Unity, I was a Naval aerospace experimental psychologist and flight-trained Naval Officer. I applied my expertise in human factors and the behavioral sciences toward solving human performance challenges in Naval aviation and across the fleet.

What are your favorite things about Unity?

My favorite thing about Unity is the people I have met and worked with. Unity is full of amazing people from all walks of life. My favorite Unity value is Go Bold. I am all about failing fast, learning, and improving your products. In my mind, a product is never finished, and going bold never stops in product development.

Can you share a piece of career advice for others in the industry?

I encourage others never to stop learning and growing. You can learn something new from every person you interact with. I also encourage everyone to jump on the opportunity to mix their passion with work, if possible. Being able to bring my love for sports to work every day is a fantastic experience.

Can you share a few fun facts about yourself?

I was born in New York City and have lived in Orlando, Florida, and Seattle, Washington. I am a huge Mets, NY Giants, and Knicks fan. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two boys and running. I have run the New York City, Chicago, Berlin, San Francisco, and Vancouver marathons.

Unity's Joe Mercado pictured with prized sports memorabilia in his home.

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November 10, 2022 in News | 4 min. read

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