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Unity's Partner Pavilion at GDC 2010

March 4, 2010 in Community | 3 min. read

In addition to all of our other GDC activities, we're going to be joined in our booth with a selection of great partners. This is a win-win opportunity where we're able to bring some more exposure to these partners and their presence helps our booth to reflect the diverse ecosystem that surrounds our tool and community! Each of these partners is going to be on hand to demo their products at their kiosk and will also have an opportunity to present in our theater. I hope you'll come to see what they have to offer! In order to entice you, here is some info about them:

Graveck is a Saint Paul based development studio specializing in games developed using the powerful Unity engine. With their unparalleled Unity experience and drive, Graveck creates top-notch web games and retail boxed games for world renowned clients along with groundbreaking original titles. They also had the number 1 top paid app in the App Store for five weeks!
OpenFeint is the largest and most successful social gaming network, with over a thousand games and fourteen million players. Think Xbox Live meets Facebook for the iPhone with features like challenges, leaderboards, achievements, chat, forums and powerful game discovery. OpenFeint is the free, easy way for developers and players to get more out of games.
Aquiris is a development studios baased in Porto Alegre, state of Rio Grande do Sul, southern of Brazil. They've been developing games and other interactive media for both Brazilian and global companies. They are amongst the most prolific Unity developers, having developed a total of 20 games projects, 13 of which were started and completed after establishing their games focus in January of 2008.
Noesis Interactive is the premier developer of Video Courseware and training materials for indie-developers and game modders. Noesis is dedicated to improving gaming related education worldwide and preparing its users for industry careers or independent production. Noesis is based in the California San Francisco Bay Area, just minutes from Silicon Valley.
Digimi On the heels of a successful merger, DAZ 3D-Gizmoz present Digimi, the ultimate platform for generating personalized avatars. Leveraging the collaboration of existing technologies from DAZ 3D and Gizmoz, Digimi offers a premier solution for complete avatar customization in Unity and allows developers to import photo-realistic heads and customized avatars into games and virtual worlds at runtime.
dimeRocker is a branded self-publishing platform that enables Unity developers to deploy, monetize and build traffic across the social web (Facebook, mySpace, etc.) for their 3D games from one central account. The goal is to provide a complete solution so developers can spend less time managing the web and more time creating the best content possible. They're set to launch their open beta during GDC, so keep your eyes peeled!
March 4, 2010 in Community | 3 min. read