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Unity Great Education Giveaway: Winners Announced

February 2, 2011 in Community | 3 min. read
University of Arkansas
University of Arkansas
University of Arkansas

Unity Technologies is pleased to announce the winners of the Unity Mobile Generation Great Education Giveaway. Unity received 60 applications from leading game and research schools around the world. From amongst our first round submissions, twenty schools were selected to receive an Android smart phone and a mobile development suite from Unity Technologies. Today we are please to reveal our winners who will split a combined $250,000 in software and hardware prizes.

As part of the Mobile RFP, participating schools were asked to submit example curriculum and record two short video lectures demonstrating Unity on an Android device. Below are links to the winning curriculum and video lectures. In the coming months Unity will make more of these lectures and the sample curriculum available through our site.

The winners, in no particular order are:

Grand Prize Winners:

University of Arkansas - USA
“Of Mythology and ‘Droid”
Professor David Fredrick
Professor Russell Deaton
Professor Nilanjan Banerjee
Keenan Cole
Link to Lesson 1 Video, “Lighting, Decals, and Occlusion Culling”

Link to Lesson 2 Video, “Terrain Workflow for Unity and Android”

“Excellent, creative and fun approach: combines mythology with game development. Good focus on android. The course gives lots of technical information without being dull, because of being situated in a good example.”
—Nancy Doubleday, RIT.

“At first glance I shook my head..."Mythology"? But what a unique approach to introducing a game program and demonstrating the potential of games for learning. “ - John Jamison, RFP Review Committee, ImagiLearning

Rasmussen College- Ocala Campus - USA
School of Technology and Design
“Mobile Game Development With Unity 3D”
Program Coordinator William Sattelmeyer

Instructor Thomas Long

Week 1:

Week 3:

“Very, very thorough and well considered (proposal). They may be a little overly ambitious about what they can cover each day, but they know their students best. “
- Jeremy Gibson, USC

“Excellent understanding of course requirements, students needs, and development process. Demonstrates an existing understanding of industry needs.”
- Will Goldstone, Unity Technologies


Bond University - Australia
School of Communication and Media
“Mobile Game Design”
Associate Professor Penny de Byl

Lecture 1:

Lecture 4:

“Very thorough and professional course design. Good amount on android-specific stuff. Clear, concise, excellent content.”
—Nancy Doubleday, RIT.

“Just an overall well done program on game design.”
– John Jamison, ImagiLearning

The Grand prize winners will each receive 20 Android smart phones, 20 copies of Unity Pro and 20 Licenses of Unity Android Pro.

In addition to the winners above we are please to announce the following Runner Up Prize winners. The following runner up schools will each receive 10 copies of Unity Pro and 10 Unity Android Pro Licenses.

Runner Up Winners:

Ponficia Universidade Catolica de Minas Gerais - Brazil
Professor Marcelo Souza Nery

Vantan Game Academy - Japan
Instructor Keijiro Takahashi

Honorable Mention:
Southern Polytechnic State University - USA
Lead Faculty: Jeff Chastine
Associate Professor Jon A Preston


Unity would like to thank all of the schools who participated in the Great Education Give away. We would also like to give a special thank you to our judges panel:

Nancy Doubleday— Associate Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology--Interactive Games and Media

Jeremy Gibson— Game Design Faculty, University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts – Interactive Media Division

Peter Brinson-- Instructor, University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts – Interactive Media Division

John Jamison— CEO and Creative Director, ImagiLearning, Inc.

Will Goldstone— Demonstrator in Interactive Media, Bournemouth University, Technical Support Associate, Unity Technologies

Andy Brammal— Unity Technologies Regional Director of Sales Europe, American Grid Iron Enthusiast

February 2, 2011 in Community | 3 min. read