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Unity Education - From classrooms to conferences

February 21, 2020 in Community | 3 min. read

Around the world, students and teachers are using Unity to bring their creativity to life. See how real-time technology helps people inside the classroom.

The Unity Education team’s goal is to help anyone, in any country, at any level learn how to use Unity. Whether you’re online trying a tutorial on Learn or offline building a game for your class, we’re here to help you on your journey. Let’s take a look at how Unity is making an impact in schools all over the world.

Inside the Lecture Hall

Industries are evolving faster than ever before, and education is trying to prepare their students for the next ten years. Part of that future involves even more usage of Extended Reality (XR) - from physical headsets to immersive applications. As a result, we’re seeing more and more institutions develop XR Labs and facilities.  Many people want to take advantage of Unity to develop XR applications for a variety of uses - from film production to construction. Even at Unity, we’re using XR with Unity Reflect to help with architectural design.

At Imperial College London, faculty and students have been creating some really incredible projects for their peers. Collaborating across different departments, a research group at the university developed a VR visualization for teaching students fluid dynamics. For these students, a lot of their lectures and coursework focus on mathematics to understand this process. Using a headset and some interactive demos, formulas come to life - enabling students to solidify their lessons visually.

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As a result, the university is putting in a more concerted effort to create more VR applications for different departments and classes. This will enable students of different courses to immerse themselves into abstract concepts, while the university researches the impact of VR in learning comprehension. With Unity as their platform of choice, they’re able to deploy their applications to the different headsets they have available.

Jamming Around the World

Our Unity Student Ambassadors are at the heart of many student communities around the world, helping their peers to learn new tools and features available in the editor. They lead different events on their campuses, from workshops to game jams and everything in between.

This year especially, our Student Ambassadors were hosts and mentors at different jam sites for Global Game Jam. From small sites to large, these students were on the ground, helping their peers create games to be proud of. By being an active part of the learning process, the Student Ambassadors make Unity more accessible and show people workflows that make their lives easier. We’ll have more news about the Student Ambassador program soon, so stay tuned!

Unity Education at Bett 2020

Last but not least, the Unity Education team started this year with a show - The Bett Show in London! Bett is an annual event, where educators have an opportunity to learn the latest and greatest in technology. 

For four days, the Unity staff was available on hand to show educators the newest projects they could use for their students. From VR Games to live, hands-on workshops, our crew was available to meet all the amazing people teaching Unity and prepare their students for the future of real-time technology. Educators got to try some of the new Creator Kits and the Create with Code course firsthand, and we even had some creators using Unity at their EdTech companies stop by and say hello!

It’s been a busy year, visiting different universities, supporting student communities, and participating in one of the largest conferences in the education industry. More to come soon!

February 21, 2020 in Community | 3 min. read