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Unity Developer Day - Live from the Field

August 9, 2019 in Community | 6 min. read
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The Evangelism Team works year-round to bring you the latest and greatest content from Unity, especially at our Developer Days. A Unity Developer Day is a showcase of the great local Indie and Triple-A (AAA) content that our community has to offer. Each Developer Day brings Evangelists and local experts together to exchange knowledge, stories, skills, and more.

Developer Day’s are one of our favorite Unity events because we get to interact and grow alongside our local developer communities, which is something very special to us.

Where did the time go? It feels like only yesterday that we were writing about Developer Day and now it’s already August! We have lots of fun updates on all of the Developer Days we’ve held so far this year - our attendees, our showcase, our local success and more!

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Developer Day New York, February 9th

We had an incredible time in New York City, thanks in large part to our partners at Microsoft and the wonderful local Unity community. We’re proud to report that over 300 devs came by to listen to presentations and learn more about Unity’s latest and greatest features.

To top it off, we had ten Exhibitors such as Indie Dev Kate Smith who presented her game, I Was Here, which provides an intimate look into the main character’s personal lives. The industry pros at Exit 73 Studios shared their game, BLUD, which is a top-down adventure game involving Vampires.

What’s more, Microsoft’s Amanda Chew spoke about best practices through DevOps and how to ship higher-quality apps faster. Dave Inscore and Neil Edwards from UX IS Fine talked to us about how to create quality UX for your products.

We were honored to welcome guests from Baltimore’s Code in the Schools who brought their students learning Unity to meet with the community and many of them had not visited New York City before! Fereshteh Forogough from Code to Inspire spoke on behalf of her incredible project that teaches women in Afghanistan to code.

Thanks for having us, New York. We had a great time with your community.

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Developer Day Moscow, May 15th

It may have been our first ever Unity Developer Day in Eastern Europe, but the Russian Unity Community made us feel right at home. With the help of our sponsors DevGAMM and The Abyss team, our Moscow edition turned into our biggest Unity Developer Day in EMEA to date!

We had eight exhibitors, among them were two finalists from the GTP Indie Cup, Ticky Castle, and Lapovich Games, who were each given a showcase spot as part of their prize! We also had studios such as Enplex Games showing their incredibly beautiful MMO Population Zero and 1C Game Studios showing their new game Caliber

The schedule consisted of six speakers, both internal Unity staff and local developers sharing stories, ideas and use cases in both Russian and English.  Among the speakers was Sergey Klimenko, Lead Developer at Moonlight Mouse, who took us through a journey of how his game Elinor evolved into what it is today.

Thank you, Russia, for the warm welcome - we will be back!  In the meantime, join one of our local Unity User Groups.

Developer Day Hamburg, June 6th

On June 6th, InnoGames opened the doors to 120 Unity Developers and hosted the first-ever Unity Developer Day in Germany.  Huge thanks to InnoGames, one of the leaders in mobile gaming across Europe, for sponsoring the event and helping us help others! We’re also delighted to report that all ticket sales for this developer day were donated to Gaming-Aid, a non-profit charity that supports families in need. 

At this particular developer day, we showcased games such as Bomb Bots Arena by Tiny Roar and Skull Story by Void Games. In addition, speakers from Multiplay, Unity’s Evangelism team and InnoGames shared use cases and the latest Unity updates. 

Want more Unity networking and feature updates? Make sure you join the Unity User Group in Hamburg!

Developer Day Brighton, July 8th

July 8th marked one year of Unity Developer Days in EMEA, and what a way to celebrate! Our first ever Unity Developer Day in EMEA was held in Brighton. To connect the dots and to celebrate the one year mark, we brought it back to our hometown for a second time. Thanks to our main sponsor, InnoGames, this year the event was twice as big as the previous year. And with both Magic Leap and Intel in the speaker lineup, Unity Evangelists and Multiplay - we knew we were in for an inspiring day!

The showcase floor consisted of 8 exhibitors - a mixture of studios. The Polygon loft brought their game Double Pug Switch and Gaming Garrison showcased their game, Midi the cat, where the player is controlled by a keyboard! We were also joined by Visospace who brought their VR locomotion companion Alto that creates a fun movement experience in VR.

After Magic Leap’s talk, they joined us on the showcase floor to demo Magic Leap One. This was an especially exciting experience for us because the headset has yet to be released in Europe!

We’re already looking forward to next year; but until then, stay in touch by joining our Brighton Unity User Group.

Developer Day Bogota, June 13th

Our time in Colombia showed us that our Developer Community is filled with passion and enthusiasm past what we thought possible. Bogota sold out and people flew in from all over Colombia to hear about our newest features and join in on the fun.

Each of our exhibitors was incredible but we’re especially thankful to Cris Tales for taking a last-minute spot in our Showcase! They were the talk of the day having just returned from a triumphant E3 filled with awards and accolades.

We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming Developer Day's. Here’s what we have coming up.

Stay tuned for more information about these events.

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August 9, 2019 in Community | 6 min. read
Topics covered