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Unity Certification and training now available from partner organizations around the world

November 17, 2016 in Community | 2 min. read

The Unity Certification Program, launched earlier this year at GDC, has enabled developers around the world to validate their foundational Unity knowledge and skills and earn a professional credential in the industry’s leading platform for game development.

Until now, availability has been limited to select Unity-hosted events, making it sometimes difficult for developers looking to get Unity Certified to find an opportunity to take the exam in a location near them.

To expand the availability of Unity Certification — along with expert training and support — to our global community of developers, we are proud to announce the Unity Training and Certification Partner Program. The program allows training centers, educational institutions, and reseller partners to fulfill the community’s demand for high-quality training and Unity Certification products.

By creating an expanding network of authorized partners to deliver Unity Certification Exams and training, we hope to provide thousands more Unity developers with access to regional training and support in preparation for the exam, as well as opportunities to take the exam in their local area.

Several organizations have already joined as Unity Authorized Training and Certification Centers:

As more partners come online, they will be added to our Partner Directory, so if you are looking for opportunities to get Unity Certified in your region, check back often!

Become a partner

Organizations may apply to participate at two levels: Unity Authorized Training Centers (UATCs) are training facilities that offer instructor-led, short-term courses and training on Unity software solutions and are authorized to deliver Unity Certification exams, while Unity Authorized Certification Centers (UACCs) are physical testing facilities that are authorized to deliver Unity Certification exams only.

If your organization would like to benefit from the opportunity to tap into Unity’s growing worldwide community of developers by offering high-quality training solutions and delivering Unity Certification exams, we invite you to learn more by reviewing the Partner Program Guide, and to apply online today!

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November 17, 2016 in Community | 2 min. read