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Unity at SIGGRAPH 2019: Workshops, talks, demos, and more

July 26, 2019 in Community | 5 min. read

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Unity will be at SIGGRAPH 2019 showing the latest in real-time high-fidelity graphics, artist tools and workflows, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and media and entertainment.

Join us at SIGGRAPH 2019, the world’s largest conference for computer graphics, taking place in Los Angeles, California from July 28th to August 1st. This show brings together thousands of computer graphics professionals and is one of the most highly respected venues for the presentation of new computer graphics technology and research.

We are excited to share with you how creators are using Unity to power the art of storytelling with our high-fidelity graphics, flexible real-time 3D platform, and integrated artist tools and workflows.

Real-time high-fidelity graphics, demos, and more

Be sure to stop by our booth (#1241) on the expo floor to check out the latest in graphics, media and entertainment, artist tools and workflows, and immersive storytelling with AR and VR.  Our recruiting team will also be there and would love to chat with you.

Some highlights:

  • The Heretic - created using the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) which delivers performant, state-of-the-art visuals
  • Reality vs. Illusion - a showcase of Unity’s Real-time Ray tracing
  • Sherman - an animated short featuring real-time fur, HDRP and Visual FX Graph for animators.
  • How to Train Your Dragon: Hidden World VR experience - suit up in a headset and sit in specialized Positron motion VR chair as you fly with the main characters from DreamWork Animation’s film in this immersive experience built by The Mill.
  • PHAROS AR - the first multiplayer, multi-device AR music experience created in collaboration with Childish Gambino, Unity, and Google and built by MediaMonks.
  • Bonfire - the latest interactive VR experience from the award-winning Baobab Studios, you’re on a mission to find a new planet for the human race and things take a turn when you crash land on an alien planet with your robot sidekick voiced by comedian, actress, and writer Ali Wong.

Tech Talks in the Unity session room

Attend our sessions on real-time high-fidelity graphics, learn tips and tricks, discover cool features and time-saving techniques for artist tools and workflows during all the amazing sessions we have planned.

Discover the Technology Behind The Heretic - Learn how the team used the latest features in the High-Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) and powerful customizations enabled by the Scriptable Render Pipeline (SRP).

Welcome to PHAROS- A story of AR with Childish Gambino - You’ll hear the story behind PHAROS AR and learn how brands can bridge the gap between the novelty of AR and making it an impactful utility in today’s hyper-connected, overly-saturated market.

How to Leverage the Power of Immersive Storytelling with Unity - Explore how brands are using Unity to design for immersive media campaigns and how you can build a compelling VR or AR experience.

Getting Started with DirectX Ray Tracing in Unity - Learn how to use the experimental ray tracing features introduced in the 19.3 Unity beta. If you're curious about ray tracing works in Unity, but don't want to get bogged down in algorithms, this is the talk for you!

Fur in Unity! Unpacking the Sherman Real-Time Animation Project - This is a must for anyone interested in episodic content production or animating fur.

Take a look at the full list of sessions.

Get hands-on during these workshops

For the first time at SIGGRAPH, we will be hosting three hands-on workshops. Each workshop will be 90-minutes in length. Register to attend a workshop using the links below.

Creating Real-Time VFX with the Visual Effect Graph - Are you interested in creating filmlike effects such as fire, smoke, or holograms in Unity? This session covers how to use node-based effects and adaptive features in Unity's Visual Effect Graph to create striking VFX in real-time.

Stylized shading using Unity's Shader Graph - Attend this workshop if you’d like to learn the workflow for creating and maintaining custom HLSL. Throughout the session, you’ll write a custom lighting shader for a stylized look that is easy to share across multiple assets.

Building beautiful worlds with Unity's new Terrain Features - You will experience using some of the latest terrain tools and features to make your environment workflow faster and easier while enabling you to design ever-more gorgeous landscapes.

Unity will be at SIGGRAPH Real-time Live!

Real-time Live! celebrates the top jury-reviewed interactive novelties of the year, treating the audience to a sampling of what’s new in real-time. We will have two features: Reality vs. Illusion, a demonstration of Unity’s Real-time Ray tracing, and The Heretic, a demonstration of procedural creation and manipulation of real-time characters.

Beyond the Unity session room, there will also be other Unity led sessions throughout the week. Be sure to check out the sessions list. Highlights include:

  • Advances in Real-Time Rendering in Games, Speaker: Natalya Tatarchuk (VP of Graphics)
  • Open Problems in Real-Time Rendering, Speaker: Natalya Tatarchuk (VP of Graphics)
  • High-Fidelity Lighting with Unity’s High-Definition Render Pipeline, Speaker: Laurent Harduin (Senior Lighting Artist)
  • Advanced Use Cases for Animation Rigging in Unity, Speakers: David Hunt (Lead Technical Artist, R&D Graphics), Olivier Dionne (Team Lead - Core Animation), and Simon Bouvier-Zappa (Software Developer)
  • Autodesk Exhibitor Session - Unity and Autodesk: Streamlining Workflows for Film/Animation/TV, Speakers: Mathieu Muller (Product Manager, Film), Aaron Conover (Solutions Engineer, Media & Entertainment), Mark Droste (Cinematic Creator, Media & Entertainment) and TJ Galda (Product Manager, Maya)

See collaborative virtual production come to life

On Monday, July 29, join us in session room 407 where Digital Monarch Media™ will present Collaborative Virtual Production with Unity Technologies. Habib Zargarpour, Head of Film Development, will demonstrate Expozure VFT®, a Unity solution for film and T.V. productions of any size. You’ll learn how to deploy low-cost assets with Unity HDRP while providing high quality and budget reducing results for pre-production; from storyboarding and scouting, to blocking and shot planning. Seats are limited - register today!


We hope to see you at SIGGRAPH! Get the event details on our Unity at SIGGRAPH webpage. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for live updates throughout the event!

July 26, 2019 in Community | 5 min. read

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