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Unite Berlin 2018: First sessions announced!

April 25, 2018 in Community | 4 min. read
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Unite Berlin is the perfect opportunity to connect and collaborate with thousands of developers all focusing on technology, creativity, and games. Get ready for advanced hands-on demo workshops, technical sessions–customized for different levels, previews of upcoming Unity tech, the Made with Unity showcase, and of course an after-party with delicious food and plenty of dancing.

This year, it’s all happening June 19 - 21 at STATION-Berlin, a vintage train station  reimagined into a modern convention center — in the heart of the artsy, vibrant, tech-savvy metropolis.

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First sessions: Nested Prefabs, ECS and connected games

We couldn’t be more excited to share with you the first round of sessions! Here are a few that you might be particularly interested in:

Technical Deep Dive into the New Prefab System

Speaker: Steen Lund (R&D Lead Developer at Unity) &  Rune Skovbo Johansen (R&D - UX & Systems Developer)

Take a dive deep into the new prefab features with developers Steen Lund and Rune Skovbo Johansen. What's the inside versus outside of a prefab? How does it relate to Prefab mode, overrides, unpacking, and prefab variants? How has the new prefab back-end changed? This session will give you a better understanding of the Prefab system, the pros and cons of various implementation decisions, and some Aha moments working with Prefab nesting.

Scaling CPU Experiences: An Introduction to the Entity Component System

Speaker: Mike Geig (Global Head of Evangelism Content at Unity)

If you have seen an Entity Component System demo and thought, "how did they do that?" then this talk is for you. Unity's Entity Component System combined with the C# Job System and the Burst Compiler provides an easy and safe way to unlock the power of modern CPUs. Come see first-hand how to implement the Entity Component System and the C# Job System in a project. You'll leave with a better understanding of the concepts, terminology, application, and massive benefits of these new additions to Unity.

Underworld : Lighting for Stealth Games

Speaker: Justin Pappas (Lead Level Designer at OtherSide Entertainment)

Lighting isn't just about making your project look good, it also can be a key component for successful gameplay. In this session, OtherSide Entertainment will walk you through their approach, both from a technical and gameplay design perspective, for the stealth action of their upcoming RPG, Underworld Ascendant.

Bringing a massive online competitive casual arena game to life

Speaker: Mika Rahko (Co-Founder & Head of Development at Futureplay)

Learn how Futureplay developed their newest game Battlelands Royale and built it to scale a massive online audience.

ML-Agents Hands-On Lab

Speakers: Jeff Shih (Senior Product Manager, Machine Learning at Unity) & Arthur Juliani (Senior Software Engineer, Machine Learning at Unity)

Get up-to-date on the latest methods for training Machine Learning agents. We will use a real demo project to walk you through setting up the environment, optimizing training methods, and evaluating results.

Additionally, you can attend sessions like the ARCore 101: Hands-on Workshop, learn about Optimizing Binary Deployment Size, and gain insights from incredible Made with Unity developers. Other session topics include multiplayer matchmaking, Mobile AR, AI for animation, 2018.1 upgrade workshop & much more. Check out the Unite Berlin landing page for the current session schedule. We’ll be adding more sessions in the coming weeks.

Training Day

Consider joining us for Training Day on June 19th. This will be the first hands-on Unite Training Day focused on creating a 2D game.  During this day-long workshop, you’ll explore powerful new tools and workflows using real game assets provided by Pixel Reign Studios.

Training Day is perfect for creators of all levels, but participants should have some basic knowledge of Unity. All you need is a laptop, power cord, a mouse, and the latest version of Unity installed and opened at least one time prior to attending.

Bring a Buddy

Going to go to Unite Berlin with a buddy? Until May 13, you’ll get 25% off the 2nd ticket! Remember, sharing is caring!


We hope you will join us for Unite Berlin! You can catch all of the event details here.

Find out more about our upcoming Unite 2018 events. This year we'll be coming to five cities -  Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing, Berlin, and Los Angeles.

April 25, 2018 in Community | 4 min. read

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Topics covered