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The Unity Developer Day tour is back and kicking off in New York!

February 2, 2019 in Community | 1 min. read
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Unity is starting 2019 off right by launching into our 2019 Developer Day Tour which features both the Americas and EMEA!

Unity’s Evangelism Team is out in full force across the globe to provide you with top quality content straight from our top educators, experienced partners, All-Star Unity Developers, and passionate community members like you!

In our 4th and largest year, our Developer Day Series will feature industry professionals not just from Gaming but across all industries like Film, Automotive, AEC, Augmented/Virtual Reality and much more. We’re focusing on bringing you more information on not just how to develop or create incredible games, but how to monetize your products, how to branch out into other spaces and give our Unity community a chance to see the many ways that Unity can be utilized.

One of our major focuses this year is providing content that gears up our Unity Developer Community with unique and interesting new content. We want the Unity Developer to be well rounded and we hope that 2019’s events reflect this.

Register now or save the date to attend an event in your city.


Developer Day: New York - 2/9

Developer Day: Bogotá - 7/13

Developer Day Sao Paulo - 8/10

Developer Day: Montreal - 10/12

Developer Day: Vancouver - 10/19

Developer Day: Los Angeles - 11/9


Developer Day: Moscow - 5/15

Developer Day: Hamburg - 6/6

Developer Day: Brighton - 7/8

Developer Day: Paris - TBC

Developer Day: Haifa - 10/24

Developer Day: Helsinki - 11/20

Interested in showcasing your game, VR project or Unity app? Apply here to showcase at any of our upcoming events Unity Showcase Opportunity.

If you’re joining us for the 2019 tour, come chat with us on Twitter using #UnityDeveloperDay!

We hope to see you there!

February 2, 2019 in Community | 1 min. read
Topics covered