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Today we have launched a new section on the site dedicated to the work and happenings in QA. We have long been writing blog posts and releasing different parts of our work where we could, but the time has come to make a space for all of it.

The QA mini site is a one stop place for our blogs, our public test suites, the Unity Test Tools and the patch releases. You will be able to keep yourself up to date on all things related to test and QA on these pages.

The Unity Test Tools page will give you links to the package, documentation and example projects for the tools. With those you will be able to both get the latest updates for the package itself, as well as getting resources to help and inspire you with utilizing them.

Our public test suites is currently a package containing our runtime test automation for Android, but we will release them for other platforms as they become available. It is a suite of tests we share with everyone who is interested in running the Unity test suites on their own devices. The main purpose is to share them with our partners who are actively developing OS or devices, such as Google running it on Android development, but anyone can pick them up here. Documentation and new releases will be available on the QA mini site. You can even get an RSS feed from the site to keep up with the patches we send out.

We have also decided to enroll the patch releases coming from the sustained engineering team on the QA mini site. Those patches are all about fixing bugs, so they do have a tight relation to what we do. All the releases coming from them will be available here and you will be able to subscribe to an RSS feed from this site.

Finally we have a page dedicated to the bug reporter. We have so many reports coming that we have to prioritize them according to how good our chances are of reproducing them, so we have an FAQ for our users. We hope it will help you to help us to help you.

With all that said, go check out the site and give us feedback:

September 25, 2014 in Community | 2 min. read
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