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SXSW: Driving emerging technology and media

August 13, 2017 in Community | 2 min. read

The South by Southwest 2018 “Panelpicker” has opened for community voting! We have  Unity representatives who are excited to share their stories on topics ranging from emerging VR/AR tools to the future of media, and they need your help. Vote for your favorite topics below on SXSW’s website to see them there!

Hollywood 2.0 - Filmmaking for the 21st century

Featuring Adam Myhill and Sara from Sonder 

Stories are endless, but budgets aren’t. The visual gap between real-time rendering and traditional CG pipelines is narrowing, making the advantages and time savings of emerging technologies a powerful and economically attractive solution. Find out how parallel content authoring allows you to make creative decisions much later into a project with the ability to see everything in context. We’ll reveal how the commercial grade tools that are powering this trend are available to everyone.

Setting the Visual Language of VR Storytelling

Featuring Timoni West and Natalie Grant

VR is an immersive interactive storytelling medium, but the rules of the game are still being defined. What are the terms, the tools, the visual language that help your stories connect with your audience? Get a live demonstration of the latest advances being made in VR immersion and storytelling, and then get a crash course on how they all come together to bring your vision to life.

Students Can Build the VR/AR Worlds of the Future

Featuring Jessica Lindl

As virtual and augmented reality applications make headlines, teachers may be wondering how they can meaningfully bring these tools to their classrooms. Not only do these technologies allow students to understand the world around them in new ways, they are also allowing kids to create their own worlds. Come learn from a panel of cutting-edge educators who are utilizing Unity tools to teach students 21st century skills, empowering the next generation of coders, artists and designers.

Future Proof Media: Engaging Tomorrow's Audience

Featuring Isabelle Riva

Our smartphones offer infinite options: movies, TV, games, pornography, VR, and AR is poised to take over. In an expanding market, how do creators make a case for our content? This panel will attempt to answer how meaningful connections to our audiences are made. We will discuss the extra care we must take to succeed, by creating specifically with today’s rapidly changing marketplace in mind. We can no longer create for passive viewing, we must create to engage.

August 13, 2017 in Community | 2 min. read