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New Unity Pro and Unity Plus are on the store now! Read on to get more details on our new subscription based licenses and what you can do if you already have Unity Pro.

All new licenses now include all engine features to create and optimize high-end games and publish them on all platforms. We want to make the Unity engine available to all, so the main idea behind our new product structure is that you pay according to your needs and means. Also, there are no royalties. If your company has revenues under $100,000/year, you can always use the free Unity Personal.

The new Unity Pro includes all platforms, as we announced at Unite Europe. It doesn’t have any revenue cap. It includes higher tiers of all services, with all the bells and whistles. You can pay for it month by month (with a 12 month commitment), or pay for 12 or 24 months in advance. After you’ve been subscribing for 24 consecutive months, you get to keep and use the version you have when you notify us that you are terminating your subscription. We call it Pay to Own. See more details on the Unity Pro features in the store and on Pay to Own in our previous blog post.

If you’re a micro studio or a professional freelancer with revenues under $200,000/year, Unity Plus is your new option for $35/month (with a 12 month commitment). You’ll get Priority Queue for Unity Cloud Build, so you can build new versions of your game faster. To find out how people play your game, you’ll get a higher tier of Unity Analytics. You’ll also be able to host up to 50 simultaneous players with Unity Networking, which is great for testing a multiplayer game with your friends. In case people run into issues with your app, you can use Unity Performance Reporting to automatically capture and prioritize errors across different devices. More details on these and all other Unity Plus features are on the store.

Transition offers for existing Unity Pro licenses

If you already have Unity Pro licenses, you’re going to get an offer to switch to the new Pro subscription. We have many different groups of customers who have all kinds of licenses, from 3x and 4x perpetual to Unity 5 subscriptions with mobile add-ons or large studios with multiple account owners. To ensure that everything goes smoothly on the technical side, we’ll offer different groups to upgrade to the new system in batches over the coming months. If you have a Unity 5 perpetual licenses, you can already get some details on your offer in this blog post.

We haven't just updated our web store. We've also replaced our back end system. As a result, we need to transition existing licenses to the new infrastructure. That's why we had to launch the new store first before we can send conversion offers to those of you who already have Unity licenses. There’s more information on the timing on the migration roadmap and we will email you as soon as your offer’s ready. Talk to you then!

For more information

Read the updated Unity Subscription FAQ.

Talk to us on the forum.

June 28, 2016 in Community | 3 min. read