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We've been talking about new forum software in the works for a while now, this may have seemed like forever ago, but the time has now come to make the switch!

A little background info for those who may have missed these discussions on the forums, we're currently running on a heavily customised version of vBulletin, it's kinda buggy, terrible at managing spam and we can't upgrade or modify it without breaking everything. At some point last year our web developers and I decided it would benefit everyone to make a change to new software that wasn't such a pain to manage. We evaluated a tonne of software and settled on XenForo, it's been in development for some time and on Monday the 2nd of June, we will say goodbye to buggy 'ol VB.

Here's a little bit of what it looks like:


The new forums have some pretty wicked features like thread previews, conversational style private messaging and it's mobile friendly.

On Monday the forums will go into maintenance mode for around 10 hours starting from 6am UTC (providing everything goes smoothly), all your old posts, threads & messages will be migrated to the new forums. When we go live we recommend you check your forum account settings as they may have changed slightly and your subscription notifications may also be different.

Nothing in this world is perfect, this goes triple for software, while we have been testing for a while, we may have missed things and I expect there to be some kinks in the beginning. I will post a forum thread in Announcements (link pending the upgrade) where you can discuss the changes but we would like anyone who finds a bug to e-mail support at unity3d dot com starting the subject line with "Forum bug"

We'll be updating our social media sites when the new forums are up so follow us on twitter @Unity3d Google+ or like our Facebook page 

May 30, 2014 in Community | 2 min. read
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