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New Professional Training on-demand platform now available

June 29, 2021 in Community | 5 min. read
Woman with glasses holding a pen looking at a computer screen
Woman with glasses holding a pen looking at a computer screen

Unity Professional Training now offers access to over 200 hours of training content with On-Demand Training. In addition, an annual subscription unlocks full access to curated courses designed by Unity’s instructional design team, bite-sized video content, assessments, course challenges, and certificates.

screenshot of personal tracking page

As each learner progresses through each module, they’ll also be able to practice what they’ve learned with Course Challenges that allow each individual to experiment with project files, and get hands-on experience with the tools and workflows used in the course. As an added measure of knowledge retention, On-Demand Training courses also come with course assessments that are designed to reinforce each learner’s knowledge of what they’ve just learned. At the end of each course, the learner will receive a certificate of completion that can be shared on professional net-working sites and with their manager.

screenshot of video content from training courses

Learning plans  

All current Unity users will be able to log in to the On-Demand Training platform and view the course catalog, course description, course modules, duration, and skill level. Once a subscription is activated, each user will also be able to enroll in Learning Plans, which are collections of courses curated for  learners who require a broader subject matter expertise, specific to their  industry.  Learning Plans ensure that each learner is taking the right courses in the right order, so that they can get the most out of the time that they are dedicating to the platform.

screenshot of courses page about best practices in game optimization

By continuing in the On-Demand Training platform, learners will be able to access statistics and an activity tracker to show the progress they’ve made and where to go next to continue developing their skill set. In addition, since each course is pre-recorded, learners can truly learn at their pace, rewinding or replaying as necessary to grasp the subject matter thoroughly.

screenshot of courses page from training homepage

Unity On-Demand Training is now available as a one-year annual subscription. For more information or to get started, reach out to a Unity sales representative or visit our On-Demand Training page to watch a demo. 

June 29, 2021 in Community | 5 min. read