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Our friends at Mixamo have been working on new solutions for game developers.  You can already use their animation tools inside the Unity Asset Store, but their latest and greatest innovation is the Mixamo auto-rigger, which totally is the bees knees for artists delivering assets to Unity!  This cutting-edge  solution will change the way you rig and animate forever!  Simply upload your character, identify a few points of anatomy on the character, and let the auto-rigger analyze the character and figure out the rest!  Once you've got your character rigged, bring it right back into Unity where you can animate it using the Mixamo Animation Store, with which you can customize, preview and purchase custom procedural animation right inside the Unity development environment!   In tandem with Unity and the Mixamo Animation Store, this represents a refreshing alternative to the often prohibitively expensive and time-consuming process of manually rigging and animating custom characters.

They've also done an awesome job continuing their support of their services for Unity users by releasing several new tutorials that will help you get started. The latest videos will help the Blender, modo and zBrush crowds. Now go animate something/someone!




September 21, 2011 in Community | 1 min. read