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August 8, 2017 in Community | 7 min. read
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Two years ago, we launched as an online destination for our community to share the amazing games, projects, and experiments created with Unity. Since then, it has become home to a range of creativity and content, featuring new games like Praey for the Gods, development insights from AAA studios Ubisoft and Red Storm Entertainment, and even extending to tips, insights, and lessons learned from many indie creators.

Almost a year later, we launched Unity Connect, a professional network and talent marketplace for all Unity creators to showcase their work and skills, find help on their projects, find opportunities to potentially earn income helping others, or perhaps get discovered and find employment with industry employers.

The Natural Evolution

It quickly became hard to ignore the natural overlap and clear point of intersection between the two: both were giving our community of creators a place to showcase their work and creative content. We arrived at the conclusion that the best way to continue to support the shared goals of enabling success and discovery for our community is to transition profiles and stories to Unity Connect, which has quickly evolved into our fast-growing, centralized point for real-time connection with the global community of Unity creators. It's a natural place for our community members to share their creative journeys as they unfold and for those stories to live.

Through this transition, we are streamlining our ecosystem to provide a single destination where creators can build their presence and get discovered by the community and talent seekers for their work, experience, or skills.

Most excitingly, Unity Connect offers an enhanced level of control and engagement above what has been available on You’ll have the ability to instantly self-publish and update work without having to wait for approval or curation: you’ll have immediate, total control over what you showcase and when. With Unity Connect’s social features, you can build a following and your presence in the community, and get a concrete feel for how your projects are being received with view counts and the ability to receive comments and likes.

The project portfolios on Unity Connect will also go through an upgrade in order to best support the transition of Made with Unity content. will transform into a place where we will showcase creativity at the leading edge in deeper detail and celebrate some of the very best of what’s being achieved, not only in games but also in other industries where Unity is being used.

We’ll share more details in the coming weeks pertaining to updates for Unity Connect and — if you are a Made with Unity profile owner, please make sure to read through the information below.

To all Made with Unity profile owners:

In early September, profiles and stories will migrate to Unity Connect. Our goal is to create a single online hub where you, as a Unity creator, can showcase your work, experience, find/post jobs, and connect with other members of the Unity community.

If you already have a Unity Connect profile with the same UnityID, we will migrate your Made with Unity content to your project portfolio automatically. If not, a Unity Connect profile will be registered for you based on your Unity ID.

What will my MWU content look like on Unity Connect?

We’ll have some exciting new updates and details to share with you in the near future on the updated features coming to Unity Connect leading up to the content migration in early September. Until August 30, 2017, you will continue to have access to your content on to add, remove, or delete your existing profiles. We confirm your information has been successfully migrated to Unity Connect via email.


  • content will move to Unity Connect in early September 2017.  We will have more details coming soon on specific timing. This includes approved MWU profiles and profiles that are still pending approval.
  • Access to content on will be removed at 12:01am PT on August 30, 2017.
  • If you have an approved profile, you can modify, add, and delete content on until 12:01am PT on August 30, 2017.
  • Starting today, we are no longer approving new profile submissions in order to prepare for migration.
  • More information about the Unity Connect features and updates will be shared in the coming weeks.


Q:  What’s the TL;DR?  I created a profile on What do I have to do to ensure this migrates?
A:  The quick answer is you don’t have to do anything. We’ll reach out to you in early September via email to let you know that your Unity Connect account has been updated or created and you can access your material there.

Q: I applied to Made With Unity a while ago, and my profile hasn't yet been approved. What happens now?
A: Profiles that are currently pending approval on Made with Unity will automatically be approved and created as part of the migration to Unity Connect in early September. This is one of the most exciting benefits of the migration to Unity Connect: you will no longer be dependent on an approval process to publish and promote your work. If you have already been waiting a while, we apologize for the inconvenience and ask that you bear with us for just a bit longer.

Q:  Can I modify or unpublish work I’ve posted prior to the migration?
A:  If you have posted a story or profile on, you will be able to log in your account until 12:01am PT on August 30 to edit or remove your posts. In early September, your work will be migrated to Unity Connect, after which you will have the option to remove the work from Unity Connect.

Q:  I’m linking to my story/profile in other posts around the web. What happens to those links?
A:  We will automatically redirect links from to your new page on

Q:  I have profile or story drafts that I don’t want to be made public yet. Will the migration keep these as drafts in Unity Connect or will everything in my account be made public?
A:  If your content is in draft form it will in remain as a draft when it is migrated to Unity Connect.

Q:  I was just about to create a new profile. What happens if I do?
A:  Starting today we are no longer approving new submissions as we prepare for migration. We suggest you create and register a new account on Unity Connect as the new features will be available in early September.

Q:  What if I don’t want to migrate to Unity Connect?
A:  You can simply log into and delete your profile from the 'Manage MWU Profile' button at the top right of the website. If you have any issues with this, please let us know in the forum link below.

Q:  Does this change affect my consideration for Unite Showcases and Unity Awards?
A:  No.  None of the changes occurring on either or Unity Connect affect your eligibility for our Showcases or Awards.  Please do read through our terms and conditions for each.

Q:  Is the audience of Unity Connect different from
A:  Both Unity Connect and share similar sources of traffic.  The primary audience for both websites is our development community and people interested in the Unity platform.  By converging stories into one location, we feel this will be beneficial to getting your work in front of even more fellow creators.

More Questions?

We want to make the process as clear and painless as possible — if you have questions, please post them on the dedicated forum thread we have set up around this transition. We’ll share more info with you over the next couple of months.

August 8, 2017 in Community | 7 min. read

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