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Lvov Game Hackathon - the view from inside

May 16, 2013 in Community | 2 min. read
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Hi everyone! I want to share with all of you the news on Game Hackathon that took part in Lvov, Ukraine last weekend.

Unity Technologies was one of the sponsors, Ilya Turshatov and I gave a short presentation and were present there as mentors for those loooong 30 non-stop coding hours.

The format of the event:

  • Teams up to 5 people
  • 30 hours to develop your game (you are allowed to use frameworks and engines)
  • 5 minutes to present your game
  • The jury chooses the winners according the following criteria: game play, technologies used and innovations

Some statistics:

  • 61 participant
  • 20 teams at the beginning and 18 teams that actually made it to the end.  5 teams used Unity. There was one game on Flash, some even used HTML tables and jQuery.
  • 264 cans of RebBull drunk
  • 70 pizzas eaten
  • 18 table football matches played
  • 6 movies watched

Winners and some more...

The most pleasant part was that the 1st and the 3rd places were taken by the games made with Unity!  And the overall impression was that games made with Unity looked more finished, stable and with no obvious bugs during the presentation.
Now a bit about the projects themselves. I will mention only some of them, which we found the most interesting, though I must admit that all projects were quite compelling.

"Tomato Wars"

by Patriotic Games won the 1st place by the jury's decision, as well received 2 Mobile license (which they needed) from us. The game play was "bloody". You are a tomato and you have a rifle and you make tomato juice from all other tomatoes that attack you in packs. The choice of the guns is available, all the objects are breakable. Oh, oh... and you have bombs *evil laugh*.


by Empty. by Empty. Shake, rotate, turn - do whatever you want to get those damn' rings on the Titanic's funnel. Quite addictive, the girls from the HR department were constantly asking for updates every now and then during the Hackathon. They got the 3rd prize and also received Unity licenses.

"Divine Path"

by Creators.   A student and two schoolchildren created the whole new world (Asset Store rocks!).  It was not something extra impressive, but for 3 guys with no actual experience it looked not bad, and in some cases it looked more compelling than the projects made by professional developers. The main concept of the game was the lost world with no people left where your main goal was to find the evil god. You wouldn’t find any tasks or hints in this game (as according to Creators it’s too boring just to carry out the missions), as well as you cannot exit the game so easily J Before leaving you need to find the “save point”, e.g. the doors in the house. They received 1 Unity license as an encouragement not to quit the attempts, and to go on with their experiments.

And here are some photos from the event.

May 16, 2013 in Community | 2 min. read
Topics covered