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learn unity home mockup
learn unity home mockup
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First off thanks to everyone who has commented or emailed regarding our first blog post about the new learn area of the website we're working on. We have a couple of updates to share with you so I wanted to keep updating the blog as much as we have time for-

What Do You Want?!

We tidied up the old feedback section of the site and would like to hear what tutorials you'd like to help us prioritise things. You'll notice there are a few outdated posts on there, that have links informing their posters that we're working on a new Learning area, but in general we'd welcome a lot of new posts to see what you really need help with. Naturally we'll aim to cover everything and be taking advice from our Support department but this is your chance to tell us what you want right now! Make sure you're on the Tutorials & Demos area and post an idea!


Last week the Learning Team and Web Team met in the UK office and went over the entire plan to figure out a feature set and structure for the site, and how it'd fit with our CMS plans. Not massively exciting news for you guys, but it means things are ploughing ahead, which is cool! We also provided the team with some photoshop mockups of what we would like to see on the site, so I wanted to share a few with you -

Learn Area Home

The main landing page for the Learn section, telling you all about the differing ways to learn Unity, and providing a path into the system.

learn unity home mockup

Many Modules page

An overview of differing tutorial Modules - with dropdown menus to choose Level and Topic.

Single Module page

When a single Module is selected, the Lessons and Assignments for that module can be seen and visited or added to your own playlist.

Single Project page

A Single project shows its tutorial video, related content to this project on the right and links to other areas beneath it.

My Learn area

Having a background in teaching - I feel this is a pretty important feature for us to include, the ability to create playlists of learning content. So whether you're a tutor that wants to make a playlist of content for your students or a Lead Artist introducing a new team to Unity, you should be able to do it your way, and that's what the My Learn area is all about. For now we're clearly taking inspiration from Youtube, but expect more detailed features as the site progresses.

That's all for now - let us know how you feel about our plans in the comments below! Til next time - stay classy, The Internet.

September 11, 2012 in Community | 2 min. read
Topics covered