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Kongregate Unity Game Contest Winners!

March 9, 2011 in Community | 2 min. read

The winners of the  Kongregate Unity Game Contest have been found!

The Kongregate Unity Game Contest with prizes worth a total of $25.000 is over and the winners have been selected. Click on any of the game titles to play them at Kongregate!

Play Antimatiere

Grand Prize ($10,000)

Antimatiere by Chronodrax
This game didn't get a lot of gameplays on the site prior to the contest ending, but was a huge hit with the judges. The 3D projected onto 2D gameplay mechanics were extremely clever, fun, and original, and catapulted Antimatiere to our top spot.

Play Sarah's Run (preview)

Second Prize ($5.000)

Sarah's Run (preview) by SophieHoulden
The audience favorite, and one of the first Unity games on Kongregate, Sarah's Run combined smooth graphics with fun gravity defying gameplay into a very cool 3D platformer.

Play Aurora

Third Prize ($3.000)

Aurora by limbo_cow
This game did a great job using the Unity engine to zoom in and out of a huge solar system down to individual planets. The gameplay was creative and relaxing, and just oozed a cool ambiance.

Fourth Prizes ($1,000 each, in alphabetical order)

Bullseye (Interstellar Marines)
by ZeroPointSoft
This was probably the single most polished, high-production game we saw. It would be easy to mistake the sound, music, and graphics of Bullseye with a new console game, which was very impressive.

Drillboid by capnbubs
Combining slick graphics with tight controls and fun mining-style gameplay, Drillboid offers a great package of quality fun that really leverages Unity for some cool effects and visuals.

QBCube by CatStatic
QBCube utilizes clean and simple graphics to present a challenging and fun gravity-swap puzzle game.

Sanctioned Renegades by Sanctioned
There were a number of multiplayer first person shooters, but this one was the clear audience winner in that category, offering a fun capture-the-hill style of gameplay and cool destructible terrain.

Save Toshi by uvmarko
Oh Toshi, she has to dance, but has forgotten how to walk! This tongue-in-cheek phuzzle (physics puzzle) has great graphics, cool physics, clever puzzles, and some hilariously over-the-top dialog that lovingly mocks anime characters. It was a sleeper hit among the judges, producing lots of laughs while still being challenging.

Sentinels: First Wave by RElam99
We saw a few tower defense games in the competition, but Sentinels offers some creative new ideas that take advantage of the Unity engine (first-person towers anyone?) and innovate on the very crowded genre in general. Make sure you play through the tutorial - this is a complex and different game, but worth digging into.

Zombie Minesweeper by Frogtoss
Truly a well-named game. It's minesweeper, with zombies, and absolutely lives up to that concept. Smooth, clean graphics, a clever concept, and quick, accurate controls bring minesweeper to life with the undead.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and congratulations to all the winners!

March 9, 2011 in Community | 2 min. read