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How Unity Evangelists enable creator success

June 5, 2018 in Community | 3 min. read
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Whether at a conference, on social media, or during a livestream, the Unity community often crosses paths with one of our Unity Evangelists. That said, what is an Evangelist and what do they do?

As Evangelism Coordinator for the Americas at Unity, I often hear this question from creators during our travels. At the core, our Evangelists are dedicated to enabling success for Unity developers and creators like all of you! We go about this a few different ways:

Field Events

Our time is primarily spent on the field sharing the latest Unity tools and news with our incredible community across the globe! You can often find us giving tech demos at Unity User Group meetups, leading hands-on workshops like the Unity Roadshows, and hosting large-scale Unity creator gatherings like Unity Developer Day. We also provide cutting-edge presentations at industry events big and small - including conferences, game jams, and more. Across our events, we always aim to support your work as creators by teaching you new tools, tricks, and best practices for developing your projects in Unity. We love to meet our community members and help with their questions so don't be shy if you hear we're heading to your town! You can find our constantly updated events schedule on Unity Connect.

Online Evangelism

The Online Evangelism team focuses on inspiring and educating users around the world via online presentations and content. They primarily host videos on Unity Connect and our YouTube channel, both live and prerecorded. The crew works with many teams internally at Unity to help share their knowledge with our wider community of users. Some of their latest videos have covered Machine Learning Agents, 360 Video, and how to get started with our 2D Game Kit.

Developer Advocates

Our evangelists also support creators by serving as community advocates both within and outside of Unity. They take note of all the excellent feedback you share through events, evangelism surveys, and social media. Consistent themes and requests are brought to internal teams to shape tools, events, and more. We also share this feedback with our partners to help shape programs and collaborations that can bring optimal support and resources to creators of all backgrounds.

In the end, everything we do boils down to making Unity and our community the best it can be. We encourage you to get acquainted with the evangelists in your region and follow them for localized Unity resources and information, plus updates about regional events.


Carl Callewaert

Global Director of Evangelism

Mike Geig

Head of Global Evangelism Content

Andy Touch

Global Content Evangelist


Matt Schell

Online Evangelist

Sam Dogantimur

Online Evangelist

Randy Spong

Enterprise & Online Evangelism


Mark Schoennagel

Lead Evangelist

Ashley Alicea

Lead Evangelism Coordinator

Dan Miller

XR Evangelist

Arturo Nunez


Alexandre Kikuchi


Jessica Castro

Evangelism Events Coordinator

Europe / Middle East / Africa

Josh Naylor

Evangelism Lead EMEA

Lisa Eliasson

Evangelism Coordinator

Ciro Continisio

Technical Evangelist

Liz Mercuri

Technical Evangelist

South East Asia, Australia and India

Jay Santos

Lead Evangelist SAPAC

John Sietsma

Evangelist (Australia)

Arvind Neelakantan

Evangelist (India)

China and Taiwan

Richard Yang

Lead Evangelist

Jerry Bao


Kelvin Lo

Evangelist (AR/VR Taiwan)

Leon Cheng



John Oh

Lead Evangelist

SangYun Yi

Technical Artist / Evangelist


Hiroki Omae

Director of Unity Japan & Evangelist

Nobuyuki Kobayashi

Community Evangelist

Koichi Tamura

Community Evangelist

Keijiro Takahashi


Yusuke Ikewada


Yohei Yanase

Product Evangelist/Academic Researcher

Tatsuhiko Yamamura

Field Engineer/Evangelist

June 5, 2018 in Community | 3 min. read
Topics covered