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Get Started in Unity with Interactive Tutorials

September 7, 2017 in Community | 1 min. read
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Interactive Tutorials are a new fully interactive way of getting started in Unity.

The new Tutorial panel in Unity 2017.2 guides you and responds to your actions, leading you through a series of tutorials for absolute beginners to help you understand the interface and basic Unity concepts. Each tutorial gives you the opportunity to interact with Unity, fixing parts of a ready made game as you try and get the player character to the goal. We know that many people struggle when first arriving in Unity, and that others find it cumbersome to juggle switching between Unity and a web browser to watch a video or read parts of an article - we aim to make this far simpler by teaching you inside Unity itself in a fun and responsive way.

Try it out!

To get started with the tutorials, you will need the latest Unity 2017.2 beta, available here. Once you have installed this, simply go to the Learn area of the Unity hub as shown in the video below -

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How can you help make this better?

We will be creating more interactive tutorials and plan to open up the creative tools that power this to the community, so that you too can create interactive tutorials for Unity or for your asset store tools. We hope you like this new tool and can’t wait to hear your feedback so sound off in the comments below or on the dedicated forum thread here and let us know!

September 7, 2017 in Community | 1 min. read
Topics covered